Logical thinking

Thinking is not always logical, because it proved a lot of people's words and actions illogical, unreasonable because one collects data, one sort of data, wrong data sorting, categorizing wrong, so wrong conclusions and wrong ultimately take action.

Require logical thinking processes and stages and sequences. So all the facts, data, ideas and conclusions in the cluster in such a way, structured, organized, no pattern, so that each sequence could explain himself so that the circuit is a chain that makes sense, logically. Therefore, to think logically need a separate mental processes. That is, there is a learning process that can not be cut to save time or effort (short-cut). Main short-cut is to eliminate some of the chain takes the brain to understand the material / situations.

The logic is needed in this life, so I can tell which actions lead to goodness and benefits, which leads to negative. Try to look back, what has been your attitude and actions more use logic or driven by mood and feelings?

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