Internet Addiction, Dangerous Disease Should Be Treated

Internet Addiction, Dangerous Disease Should Be TreatedEncyclopedia "Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders" (DSM-IV) recently categorize Internet addiction as a disease to be treated.

The encyclopedia called Internet addiction as a serious condition that needs to be investigated further through research.

As quoted Genius Beauty, Wednesday (31/10), the psychologists claim that Internet addiction has symptoms similar to other types of addiction. This condition triggers emotional depression, difficulty concentrating, and have no empathy.

People who suffer from internet addiction syndrome prefer to use a computer instead of interacting directly with others.

The first country to fully recognize its dependence on the Internet as the disease is Australia. Local health experts believe, the age group most vulnerable to Internet addiction is to the kids, because it is easily entangled exciting games are scattered in cyberspace.

Do not mess with the dependence on the internet, because conditions have casualties. Some time ago, a Taiwanese citizen died after spending 40 hours in front of a computer.

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