The True Identity of Myself

The True Identity of Myself
Many people have asked who's your name, then I answering my name Ibrahim (as), but whether it is my real identity? then jawababnya not. you know, .. so who I am? bercik berback carve my identity requires a deep reflection, many ways and reasons have been made, but until now I do not know who dirikku true identity.

When people pointed to my hand, then hand it's not the real me, but that hand belongs to Ibrahim, when people pointed my head, the head belongs to Ibrahim open rose, and where the name Ibrahim????

My true identity remains a remarkable quest, because many say that if we know who we really are, then we will know who we are and God will be reflected how life going forward and how we can live this life properly.

rose from experience and self-motivation to meet this challenge, so every step that I did was question arises: who I really am, rest assured when you find out who you really are, then you already have got the hand of God and partly little knowledge of Him.

Naturally, at this time the existence of a self-identity is still a mystery menajdi phenomenon, but fortunately you and those who can figure out how identity itself, the existence of identity will always lead you in the world and the next to come.

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