7 Ways to Maintain Health Bloggers

BloggerIn the world of bloggers Blogging certainly no stranger to posting or writing and this to be heavy enough for the job they really explore the world of blogging . Aware of this is not to adversely affect their health .

Why is that ? ? it is caused by too much sitting , too long in front of the computer and the other is done in a long period of time . So from that , I give you a way that our health is maintained despite the bloggers remain active and linger in front of the computer .

Here are 7 Ways to Maintain Health Bloggers

1 . Do not Keep Eyes Staring
Do not let your eyes constantly staring at the computer , i try every hour once you see other objects besides computers within approximately 5 meters , and better yet if you look at the trees within a period of 15 minutes . This serves to refresh the eyes and mind .

2 . Avoid Sitting Too Long
Try every 1 hour to stand or move the body , it works to prevent and reduce the interference in the neck , spine and back due to sitting too long .

3 . Entertain Yourself
Use music or other to entertain yourself . This will serve to traffic thinking and reduce the level of stree brain thinking .

4 . Avoid the use of headsets when Hear Music
In general, a lot of people in front of the computer while listening to music , as well as blogger . when they do a writing activity , they also try to listen to music with a headset , this obviously will damage your hearing if done continuously .

5 . Fruit and vegetable consumption
Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and nutrients varies , and it serves to stabilize and reinvigorate our body , such as carrots for eyes , orange for vitamin C and so on .

6 . Drinking Water is much
To refresh your body helps us drink more than ever . Because according to research drinking water can reduce stress , anxiety and depression . Can also provide energy to the brain .

7 . Adequate sleep
Although active in writing and blogging , Try to keep your sleep . maximize your activities for 8 hours / day , it is intended that all of the energy in the body back to the stable and normal .

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