Childbirth Preparation Guide

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1. Illustration of childbirth preparation

Are you among women who are doing preparation for childbirth? This article will discuss some preparation to do before kalahiran. Being a mom is marked with a pregnancy in a woman.

It is a wonderful thing when the pregnancy was expected by both parties, men and women who are married. But being a disgrace when pregnancies occur in women who are not married.

With the aim to cover the shame, there were soon married her partner. There is also a bear to abort the fetus, removing even kill children who are unborn. The move is not justified by religion and state. There are laws in this country.

2. A Mother nature

Being a mother is bothered because the mother had to take care of children ranging from pregnancy, childbirth preparation to provide the required sehai-day. Starting from morning wake up any night should consider the child and help his needs.

Mother nature has become so troublesome. Even a mother also often blamed if anything happens to her. As a woman, is not complete if we do not become a mother. Having children is actually a gift from God. Children are blessings of the Creator.

By having a child will come up with our own maternal instincts. Intention to take care, childbirth preparation and enthusiasm to work to provide for the family. Blessed with children means we are considered capable entrusted to protect, feed, educate and care for a child. The responsibility of taking care of and educating children not to mother alone, but the father also has the same obligations.

Said the first lot of kids a lot of luck. But with the passage of time has many children feel heavy and risky. A lot of the evidence, who has two children a better life than have many children. Cost of living is high now, including the cost of childbirth preparation, education, medical expenses, and the cost of raising children a lot.

Even mothers who work outside the home should have a maid to take care for abandoned children and keep working. The average babysitter rate is now the cheapest of five hundred thousand dollars per month for regular maid. Moreover, using the services of a baby sitter is definitely much more expensive.

3. Follow Government Programs

As is being promoted by the government through its cadres. It is recommended that women should be in the specified age at the age of twenty to twenty-five years. Do the young age of seventeen to the bottom and not in the old age of forty years and over. Having two children are enough. Distance should not be too close to the birth, and postpartum follow the family planning program.

The government itself has given attention to mothers, to defray the cost of labor in certain designated hospitals. Making the Law on Domestic Violence and the Law on the child. Thus, the country has guaranteed the survival of mothers and their children.

4. Mrs. Mandatory Keeping Fetus

In pregnancy the expected or not, the fetus must be maintained. During the nine months and ten days, a prospective mother conceived him to be patient, take us wherever we go and indulge. A baby is innocent, so nothing should be done to maintain safety.

Childbirth preparation is very important as doing prenatal regularly, eating nutritious food for the mother and baby. In addition, one should also maintain the health of the mother during pregnancy, a touch of affection and stimulation for the development of the fetus.

Ask for help to her husband and our family to help us. Do not use high heels because of fear if the slip falls will happen unwanted fetuses still in the womb.

If we are convicted by doctors contains many are weak then the rest. Take time off work or out of work first. Other than that a pregnant woman is also better not to ride or drive myself.

Mothers who are not responsible for such abort her fetus or throw it away after childbirth, let alone kill it can be reported to the authorities. He could be sentenced to the full extent because it was charged with intentionally taking the life of the person and claimed the right to the baby.

5. Childbirth Preparation Tips

For pregnant women following childbirth preparation tips that should be done.

a. Childbirth Preparation Tips - Check Pregnancy

Once a week during their pregnancy gestation hinga entering the age of nine months. Choosing where to birth if necessary have a reservation in advance. Getting to know a doctor who will handle us / doctor already knows our medical history.

b. Childbirth Preparation Tips - Setting up Bags

Seroang pregnant women should prepare for the bag containing the baby's needs. For baby include: diapers, octopus, baby clothes, socks, gloves, blankets, cloth to wrap the baby, carry cloth, hats, baby powder, baby perfume, baby oil, oil telon, baby shampoo and baby soap .

In addition, it should also be prepared supplies for pregnant mothers that dress (choose loose clothing, comfortable, not tight, not jeans), postpartum pads, girdle, and octopus for the mother. If the day of birth arrives, then the childbirth preparation that has been done we stayed off.

6. Childbirth Preparation Tips - Baby Equipment and Supplies

It should not be left behind. Preparation of baby clothes, baby rooms, furniture, floors and roofs must be cleaned to avoid dust. In addition, other things also have to be prepared is a stroller, a thermos of hot water, kerodong baby being in a mosquito bite while sleeping, diapers, clothes, laundry soap, and deodorant.

a. Childbirth Preparation Tips - Physical Preparation

In addition to the earlier mentioned preparations, you also have to prepare the following things.

• Getting physical with light exercise, breathing exercise, take a walk, do not do heavy work exhausting emotions and thoughts.
• Clean punting Mother milk in preparation for breastfeeding exclusively.
• Maintain the appearance that the agency also looks fresh, unwrinkled face, think positive and do not think much about it. Calm your mind and relax. The focus on maternal and child health in the womb.

b. Childbirth Preparation Tips - Preparation Other

Ask someone to help us to take care of the housework, while we are in the hospital, would give birth and to help take care of the baby as long as we have not yet healed. If you need to use the services of a baby sitter.

In addition, you also have to prepare for the child's name because the name contains both good prayer for the child. In addition to names, we also have to prepare a plan for the child's future. For example, had life insurance or insurance education for children.

Many are reading books on childbirth preparation and infant care. Of bathing, massage, changing diapers, clothes, understand what to do when there is an emergency. Know what should not be given to infants.

Up to how to give love is gentle on baby. Knowledge of the baby can also be from other mothers who have never had a baby. Do not be shy to ask the more experienced.

That was a childbirth preparation is done before the birth of our baby. Hopefully the tips provided can be useful for prospective mothers and babies in the womb.

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