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Placed on the frame today, Jinichi Kawakami may be an anachronism. He inherited the skills of the past five centuries ago, a time when the nuclear and the Internet is still considered as an impossibility. 63-year-old Japanese man was stopped as a technician and decided to teach since a decade ago.

"If I die," he said, "ninjutsu martial art will die with me."

Jinichi is that the clan chief Ban-21. Since 2002, he decided to become a teacher of ninjutsu, the martial arts, strategy, tactics and guerrilla war, and espionage, which is practiced by the shinobi (ninja) even though he knew the century was no longer giving loose space for 'warrior' looks like.

"There is no longer a true ninja," he said.

In Japan, Jinichi considered the last ninja. Ninjutsu trained since the age of 6 years, he gained direct knowledge handed down by the ninja effect.

"Apparently, I called last ninja because no one else was studying science firsthand as I am," he said.

According to him, the 'ninja' is now only exist in fiction or involved in performance skills for the promotion of Iga, a region that is located around 350 km southwest of Tokyo. Formerly, Iga is a 'village' ninja.

Mystery ninja

Jinichi mention that ninja history is shrouded in mystery. "There are some pictures of the tools they use. But we never found intact," he said. Information about the dark matter due to the ninja tradition they protected: only impart knowledge orally. "We never know what elements are lost in the delivery," he said. Ketaklengkapan information that makes a lot of ninja skills are still visible these days is difficult to verify.

"We could no longer kill with poison. Though we can follow the instructions poison-making, we can not give it a try," he said.

Kick mainstay

"Humans will always be vigilant.'ll Always be times when they are off guard," said Jinichi. Physical strength is not the main weapon ninja. But, how to make the goal become inattentive to the surrounding circumstances.

For the champion, looking for enemy's weakness is the main focal point.

Now, Kawakami, who studied ninjutsu to Masazo Ishida, began doing research at Mie University, where he studied the history of the ninja. For him, there would be no clan chief Ban to-22. "Ninja is no longer suitable for this age," he said.

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