Chess Playing Techniques

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To be a strong chess players here are a few tips, if you can understand the moves below, then you are starting off to be a formidable chess player / powerful, how to use these tactics, first: read, understand and save it in the chest / heart , remember having to "memorize", second: while in front of the board (wood chess) chess moves remove it, is easy !!

10 tips on what to do

1. Master the center, in this case wood chess, wood chessboard
2. Run the horse before the elephant
3. Run the elephants before the fort
4. Run the fort before the minister
5. castling quickly
6. Protect fruit
7. Attack plot on a chess board / wooden chess board with lots of fruit
8. Create an ambush when possible
9. Create binding when possible
10.Kembangkan strategy at every step

10 The ban should be avoided

1. Do not run more than 1x in pieces on the chess board opening
2. Do not give checkmate too fast
3. Do not create stacks pawn
4. Do not create pawns isolated (isolation)
5. Do not let your opponent pawn creating free
6. Do not close the elephant with a pawn
7. Do not be quick to eat fruits that are bound, if they can maintain the bond
8. Do not run pawn advance has castled king
9. Do not do not understand the strategy
10. Do not play too tense

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