Understanding Immunization

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To maintain the immune system, immunization of toddlers often do. Understanding immunization is an attempt to make the body more resistant to the disease. How? That is, with the inclusion of fluid into the body to be free of disease outbreaks that will interfere with your health or free from infectious diseases.

1. Understanding Immunization - Immunization for Various Diseases

Immunizations are manifold, good for chicken pox, measles, polio, tetanus, and so forth. One type of immunization course only serve to goad one disease. To keep away from other diseases, it is necessary immunizations different. Immunization is more focused on the kids. Why is that? Because, basically, a child more susceptible to the disease because their immune unstable. Unlike the case with adults, they are much better immunity than children.

Immunization Understanding the immune system, because it comes from the word meaning Immune "alias resistant immune". Understanding immunization is closely related to the eradication of a disease, to reduce the disease is endemic in the human body. The growth of children is certainly more risk for a disease, especially infectious diseases.

If you're a kid who likes to play with friends his age who was hit by the illness, for example, parents often missed in monitoring their children to be more careful when his friend was sick. Immunization against diseases that can be deadly.

Immunizations are categorized into two kinds, namely active immunization and passive immunization. Ie at immunologically active immunization should be obtained from the administration of germs are easily defeated by a weak immune system to form antibodies to common disease, both the weak and the strong.

There are also passive immunization, in which the form of innate immunity from the mother to the disease and are immunologically active immunization should be obtained from the awarding weak germs that easily defeated by the body's immune usual. It was to form antibodies against the same disease both the weak and the strong.

Immunization works by weakening the bacteria or virus that causes a disease. Gift made by injection or by being swallowed (drunk). When the germs that lurk body, then the body will fight sigapnya because vaccinations have been provided during the process of immunization. Resistance was held, so the disease is reluctant to descend in the body. Immunization did not really apply only to children, but adults also need to be immunized, especially for the elderly.

Old age is no less vulnerable to the disease. Holding immunization at this age in order to reduce the significant mortality due to attack of a disease. Immunization can be done in the health center, treatment center, or doctor's practice more. Every soul is certainly entitled to do for the safety of his immunizations. The government is also intensifying immunization program for the safety of every citizen. Immunization ibratnya future investments to meet living safely from certain diseases.

Just imagine, if your baby free from disease. He will grow into a child who is cheerful, healthy, playing with friends, and more active than those who staked out the disease. The mortality rate among children under five should not be underestimated.

Understanding immunization should open your eyes the importance of health. World Health Organization WHO (World Health Organization) also noted that the latest data they record, amounting to 1.4 million children under five die every year. And these deaths could have been prevented because of them motivated by the tetanus 198 000 (14%), measles 540 000 (38%), and whooping cough 294 000 (20%) that would be prevented by immunization.

UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) or the relevant United Nations organs children also noted that around 30000-40000 Indonesian children die each year from measles viruses and measles is one of prevention is by immunization. Although immunization can be done in some places, but not all islands in Indonesia untouched by regular immunization. For regions such as Papua, the island is not so easy to reach immunization due to a challenging geography. This means that the immunization program is not so evenly.

Immunizations are one of the most famous of measles immunization. This one is an infectious disease characterized by symptoms of cough, fever, rash and skin surface. The skin will look very different from those of normal, with the appearance of red spots that usually affects children, such as the time of Schools Association.

Equally important for the routine immunization diperhataikan itself. Immunization schedule categorized according the age group most vulnerable to contracting these diseases. Not a few people who understand the meaning of immunization, but sometimes lack discipline pencegehan disease in this way. The parents were sometimes frightened by new vaccines immunization feared bring risks. However, should the risk of diseases that attack was not to be ignored, so you can not underestimate immunization.

For those who have recently suffered immunization usually experience stiffness in the body and a slight fever. But not to worry, it's only temporary and certainly harmless compared with no immunization that can lead to death. Fever occurs when the body's own immune middle form. Understanding immunization should indeed be aware that no deviation perception.

Other diseases that can be combated with the Tetanus immunization. Is tetanus dangerous? Of course, since this disease affects the muscles and the nervous system. Symptoms of tetanus began when the muscle spasms in the neck, shoulder or back, jaw muscle spasms (trismus or lockjaw), and the swelling and pain. Convulsions it propagates immediately to the abdominal muscles, thighs, and upper arms.

Newborns typically at risk for getting the disease this one. It's called the tetanus toxoid immunization. Immunization is valid for those over the age of seven years. Immunization schedule appropriate age level. Every country must have a different immunization schedules. Immunization was regarded as one of the best ways to save your child from many diseases.

What is wrong if you were to introduce understanding of immunization and a myriad of benefits to the child. That way, you do not have to chase him if he was afraid of needles because slowly the child will understand the importance of this one activity. Immunization was regarded as one of the prevention of the moral and material losses. You must understand the purpose of this one. Just imagine if the disease is not driven by immunization. Hopefully, 100% untouched regions in Indonesia immunization program, and to understand exactly what it merits.

2. Introduce the Need for Understanding of Immunization

To introduce the notion of immunization was what hurt if done seminars or counseling that can educate the public about the dangers of ignoring the immunization. Coordination with the government were very important to the realization of Indonesia's healthy and reduce mortality.

Regional countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, are incorporated in the WHO member states have also agreed that in the year 2012 was designated as the Intensification of Routine Immunization (IRI) or the Year of Intensification of Routine Immunization. It is also accompanied by a GAIN or National Immunization Acceleration Movement formed to increase the coverage and equity of immunization services to all villages in Indonesia.

Every society, kuhusnya mothers who have children under five should be able to understand the sense of this immunization. Hopefully, every citizen also feel the benefit of immunization, so that they can live in peace without surveillance deaths from some diseases. Quite often the mothers had forgotten the child immunization schedule. Try circle your calendar or reminder is made, before eventually regret for negligent harm the baby.

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