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Human behavior is also background by attitude. Attitude alone have less meaning as "organizational opinions, beliefs about the object or situation that is relatively steady relative who accompanied the feelings and provide a basis for the organism to make a response or behavior in some way it chooses." Or in plain language attitude is the willingness to act on the matter.

Attitudes have some understanding and definition as follows:

• Attitude is a mental predisposition to act (Kimmball Young (1945)
• Attitude is the regularity and uniqueness of a person's behavior in relation to human stimulus or specific events (Sheriff & sheriff 1956)
• Attitude is predidposisi learned to respond consistently in certain procedures with respect to a particular object (Fishbein & Ajzen 1975)
• The conclusion pengertain attitude is the tendency to act and react to the stimulus or stimuli.

Components of attitudes

Attitude is the relationship of the various components comprising:

a. Cognitive component: the component that is composed on the basis of knowledge and information about objects owned one stance or components related to the knowledge, views, beliefs or how to perceive objects
b. Affective components: evaluative components associated with pleasure and not happy
c. Conative components: the readiness of a person to behave in a manner related objects or components that are associated with predisposition to act toward the object

The characteristics of the attitude

Attitude has the following characteristics:
a. Attitudes are not innate
Means human beings are born not bring a certain attitude on an object. Therefore, the attitudes formed during the development of the individual concerned. Since formed during the development of the attitudes to change, can be formed and studied. But it has been fixed attitude.

b. Attitude is always associated with an object
Attitudes are formed due to contact with certain objects, through the perception of the object.

c. Attitudes can be fixed on one object and a set of objects
If someone has a negative attitude to one person maaka he would show a negative attitude on the person.

d. That attitude can be long or short
If the attitude is a value in one's life it will last long, but if the attitude has not been deep inside a person to change the attitude relaatif.

e. Attitude to contain feelings or motivations
Attitudes terhaadap sesuaatu will be followed by feelings, both positive and negative. Attitudes also contains the motivation or impetus to behave.

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