Benefits of Maintaining Environmental Cleanliness

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Environmental cleanliness is a state free of debris, including, dust, litter, and odor. In Indonesia, the problem of environmental hygiene has always been a debate and a growing problem. Cases involving environmental hygiene problems continue to increase every year.

Problems of environmental hygiene is not conducive because people are not always aware of Akah terms of environmental cleanliness. The sewers are not used and maintained properly. As a result the problem of diarrhea, skin diseases, intestinal diseases, respiratory diseases and other diseases caused by water and air, family groups often attack weak economy. Various efforts to develop child health in general had become obstructed.

Here are tips and tricks to keep the environment

1. Self-start by giving an example to the community how to keep the environment clean.
2. Always Involve influential community leaders to provide guidance to the public on the importance of keeping the environment clean.

3. Sertkan the youth to become active in keeping the environment clean.
4. Expand the trash in your neighborhood
5. Hire a cleaner environment with the appropriate reward every month.
6. Sosialisakan to the people to get used to sort household waste into organic and non-organic waste.
7. Learn technology composting of organic waste that can be reused for fertilizer;
8. Creative, with souvenirs or handicrafts made ​​by utilizing waste.
9. Set a schedule for the activities of community service cleaning up the environment.

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