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Almost all internet users who actively or passively Indonesia who knew Seconds dot com. Seconds dot com is the first news portal in Indonesia, founded by Budiono Darsono and his colleagues, Yayan Sopyan, Abdul Rahman, and Didi Nugrahadi.

The idea to establish Seconds dot com blaze when the political crisis in 1998. At that time, the office Seconds tabloid, where he worked, together muzzled Tempo magazine and Editor. Precisely at the time of loss of job and wedged, Budiono creative ideas emerge.

With capitalize spirit, tape recorder, and HT (walkie-talkies), Budiono covering the events surrounding the student protests and political upheaval that was emerging at the time. First Coverage Seconds dot com is a tragedy Semanggi 1998.

Seconds dot com name selection inspired by Budiono dreamed every second there are always new stories to be published. "Why wait for tomorrow? This instant, "was the slogan emblazoned on the official blog Budiono.

The early days of travel lot of time and effort Budiono. Each time had to find information, interviews, writing and posting. To the extent that his wife and family into oblivion.

Until the date of August 3, 2011 Chairul agreed to pay 60 million U.S. dollars, or USD 521-540 billion for 100% ownership of the shares Seconds dot com.

Budiono Darsono as editor in chief Seconds dot com at least certainly not going to leave until the transition is complete. Likewise, the current executives are asked to remain for a transition period through transfer of ownership.

Value buying news portals Seconds dot com may be a tremendous value and includes a record because so far there has been no independent news portal. Well that's Budiono Darsono, only begins a brilliant idea, making him a figure worthy of account in the online media world.

This one guy was born in Semarang, October 1, 1961. Hana Budiono is Budiono Darsono wife's name. Hana is the mother of two children: Son of Dawn Suprabana (Utha) and Bening Princess Wardani. Upon completion of S1 at ITB Bandung, Utha at age 22, September 2012 and was inaugurated S2 at a university in Australia. While Bening who recently completed O Level in Singapore, joining her sister in Australia as well.

Budiono Darsono revealed the acquisition of 100 percent of shares owned by PT Agranet Multicitra Siberkom (Agrakom) by the group will drive revenue net profit reached Rp 120 billion in the next year. Additional resources are expected to maximize profits Seconds to 500 percent or a minimum of Rp 120 billion in the next year. Last year, revenue reached Rp 120 billion and a net profit of Rp 20 billion.

With a track record of 40 percent of income for the past 4 years, the company expects net profit to $ 40 billion this year. "But we are aware, Seconds dot com can grow more if purchased CT (Chairul)." Said Boediono.

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