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Often rejected? Or fail only fitting pedekete? Do not give up just yet. In principle there are only 3 "N". Well, the "N" first is: intent. Then "N" second: ngedeketin. If it deket, go deh to the "N" Third: shoot. Experience, if rejected? Use the principle of "N" Fourth: ngaca!! (Shit!)

As usual, the girl's that weve mysterious creature. Is really hard to guess what he wants. Waffle that comes out of their mouths sometimes not ngegambarin mood.

No need to wonder. Different way of thinking the same girl weve those of us with the boys. Classic expression says: the girl from the planet Venus, men from Mars. "Heart language" of the other.

Well, hard dong? Not really. The important thing is if we've convinced ama "N" First, we can continue to go to the "N" second. "N" is the second nggaknya will determine the success or the "N" third.
Well, that strategy "N" both smooth, it helps us know first the type of girl who would we invite "war. For example, how ngedeketin clearly different girls home with a girl hanging. Likewise, if we want ngedeketin romantic girl with cool girls.

Each type of girl a common habit. Well, that's habits so that we can use during pedekate entrance. Pedekate good will not make us flew to the "N" fourth. Further!


From the name aja already clear ngendon happy girl this type of home. Home for them is the most comfortable place in the world. Watch TV, listen to tapes, CDs, or radio is enough to make them calm.
Leyeh-leyeh in bed or sitting on the porch while reading books and magazines so the main menu. But that does not mean they are not happy hanging out. Just for girls home, there's no place as comfortable as home.
Well, then what, then the trick to be able to make a model girl klepek gini-klepek gubrak?

Easy, we have:

1. Diligent play to his house. Although he lived at the end of the world, we must tetep behind Stand come. Relain our time hanging out deh reduced. The important thing is the purpose and objectives are achieved.
2. If he likes to watch movies, the latest DVD collection aja can bring us. If not it cool edges can watch together at home.
3. Deketin father-nyokapnya. Girl's home so usually the favorite. If successful the hearts of parents we take, the children surely follow.
4. He was again ill fitting, we had to rush to see him. All can bring fruits or any item that could comfort her. This trick will surely bring success in the future.


This type of reverse chick chick home. For him, the only haven doang. The whole time is up for hanging out. Hang out with my friends, hanging out at the mall, or busy to clubs and hanging out other places. Certainly difficult to meet if requested.
Well, girls like this model must dideketin different ways, such as:

1. Diligent ngikutin activities to places slang. Guaranteed long he'll stick just as we are. Most not wherever he goes, we should have kept at his side.
2. Take him to the latest slang. Definitely will be very happy deh.
3. Always look stylish. Girls hanging out the most concern about the style. No need strange, just being up to date. It is important that we not embarrassing him if invited to places slang.
4. Love the items can be using for hanging. No need of expensive. Accessories small assortment of bracelets can dijadiin gift.


Easy ketebak what he wants ya girl. All things that smell can certainly make him romantic flowery. Girl hanging, home, or other type there must be a romantic type also. A definite common thread is: romantic things smell a thing he likes best. So we have:

1. Do not prestige with romantic things. So romantic does not mean people are not macho. Create a girl could be otherwise!
2. Ready to be a good listener if he vent.
3. Love interest if there is a special day for him. Weve still sounded not fun, but things like this so much it would mean for a romantic girl.
4. Invites go to places that ngedukung romantic atmosphere. Malem alfresco dining, picnics in the park, or a walk together, it could be an alternative.
5. Do not be ashamed to say the word love him. Anyway the flexible learning so fitting way deh. Can not? Come on, we certainly can.
6. Same attention detail. For example, we have to remember his birthday. Or, ngasi things he most needed. But remember do not force. If he needs a new car during our forced beliin?


Well, the model is complicated ya rada. Girls squirt aka not clearly do not like to hang out everywhere. Usually less confident because of the same himself. Invited to the mall lazy, unwilling invited slang. Rada rada-like with a girl home. The difference tuh-style girl actually gets along, just more promiscuous activity in the home rather than outside. While girls squirt ngendon at home because it did not have a choice.
So what, then the trick that this model can digebet girl?
1. Take him out for Seeing the "world". By doing so, he may feel if we open up a new experience for him tuh.
2. If the magazine can bring play to his latest girl let her mind is more open.
3. Encourage him to be more confident that got big. This is definitely going to be worth it for him. The effect he would feel as we become the most important person for him.
4. Same kenalin our friend's apartment. That way he does not feel as if we are ashamed to be his friends.


They say the most difficult player girl held her tail (cat time!). But there benernya. Girls player tuh pedenya exorbitant. Model girl feel superior and do not need a guy. Though still actually just wrote like other girls. It could even be a girl player's that have the desire diperhatiin more. So they ngelampiasinnya with often mutually guy. Once they dapet people are considered "equal", guaranteed deh not going to run again. But, is not easy to make this model chick melting. It took a lot of tricks, such as:

1. Mute ego as if dealing with her guy. Principle opposed to the fire station must be thrown away. Precisely extinguished the fire can be fought water. Well, we deh water. Adem wrote together doi luggage.
2. Should be more mysterious. Girl's love a challenge tuh player. So we use a push-pull tricks or benign-benign Marpaung, uh, pigeons, doi definitely more curious. Do snapping us all in front of them. Pyrite little bit.
3. Learning to be the most cool chat friend in the world for him.
4. Do not like ge-er if dikasi attention. Relaxed ONLY! The model of its kind gini girl like stocking charm. So naturally aja kalo like ngasi more attention.

GIRLS cool

Tuh cool girl was really cool. It sounded curt and not friendly. Ngadepin girl like this should face tebel. The spirit must also big. Because if we are not strong intent, Seeing the look of coldness wrote already lazy. Though not necessarily look cool as well as those that they love clay. You may have reversed kecuekannya, actually they are sensitive abis.

Dong continues to do so how can make this model a girl could fall into our hands? There ya:
1. Hantem continue to jack! Fortress girls like this usually tebel abis tuh. But the fort's name if "attacked" continued long after all broken as well.
2. Do pecicilan in front of his face. Cool girl tuh most resentful Seeing a guy ketimpringan not orderly. Just play it cool bro!
3. Find a hobby and Kulik abis. It is important that our efforts ngedeketin doi became more smoothly.
4. Do not attach the face "hostility" if we diketusin. Doi Keketusan usually a weapon for ngusir. If we can ngelawan, his long-time doi tired too. But remember, there are also time limits. If kebangetan, diterusin doing well.
5. Deketin friend's apartment. Scrape out as much. If dapet valuable info, use it as a "weapon" for making doi "give up".
6. Do not be ignorant bandwagon. Instead we should be more considerate.

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