Elementary students with teacher

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Anto who seated bench SD were asked Mrs. Fanny, teacher

Mrs. Fanny: Anto, 5 duck foraging disawah again. If shot hunter,

hit a living what?

After thinking for a moment, the Anto replied "no rest Ga bu"

Mrs. Fanny asked "why ga is the rest?"

The Anto replied "another fly all in shock '

Mrs. Fanny smiled wisely and said "well, they're not the answer. but I like the way

think you "

The Anto did not want to lose "May I ask bu a teacher?"

Mrs. Fanny "should"

The Anto "there were three women eating ice cream, one dikunyah2 therefore, that one and the last digigit2 dijilat2. question where a married woman? "

Without thinking Miss Fanny answered "no doubt that menjilat2 eskrimnya"

The Anto senyum2 and said "actually married who uses a wedding ring bu ....... but I like the way mothers think "

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