Snail House Origins

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Once upon a time, the snails did not bring her anywhere ... First time snails living in an abandoned bird's nest the parent birds in the trees.

The night was warm and the day was cool because the leaves of the trees blocking the sunlight that falls right into the den where the snails live. But when the rain comes, the leaves can no longer block the rain falling, .. snails exposed to wet and freezing rain.

Then the snails moved into the hole in the tree trunk, if the day is hot, the snails are well protected, even if it rains, the snails will not get wet and cold. Looks like I found a home that fits me, muttered snails in the liver.

But on a sunny day, come woodpeckers,, .. tok tok ... tok ... continue woodpecker pecking a tree trunk where the cochlea, the snail became disturbed and could not sleep,

With a heart upset, slug down from the tree hole and looking for a place to stay next. Snails found a hole in the ground, it looks warm when the night comes, thought snails. Snail cleaning the hole and decided to stay in it, but when night came, the rats came to dig from all directions damaging the cochlea. What can I say, snails leave the hole to find a new home ....

Snail continues until the beach is full of rocks. Sidelines of the rock can be my house!!! snails cheered, I could take refuge from the hot sun and rain, there will be no woodpecker would peck this rock, and the rats will not be able to dig a hole through the stone.

Slugs also can rest in peace, but when high tides and rising up to the rocks, snails come swept along by the waves. Once again snails should go find a new home. When walking the shore, snail found an empty shell, beautiful shape and very light ....

Weary and cold, snails into shells that feel warm and comfortable and sleep curled up in it.

When morning came, he realized he had found a home Snail is best for him. The shell is perfect for him. I do not need to hurry home if it rains, I will not be hot anymore, no one will bother me, .... I will take this home with me wherever I go.

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