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Having a toddler who is still in its infancy makes you as a parent have to work extra hard to care for them. Compliance with nutrition has clearly become one of the most important thing. Another thing that is also important to notice developmental psychology toddlers.

1. Noticing the importance of Physical and Psychic Development Toddler

You may think that toddlers do not understand much about emotion. All he knows just cry, smile and laugh. In fact, if you know, the third expression is the foundation of the creation of more complex emotions. It does not appear in the early days of growth. But, you'll see after your toddler adult.

Educate and teach children about different emotions is one thing that becomes your duty. In contrast to teaching a science, not emotion taught through theory, but practice and your attitude is a better learning materials for children.

You seemed to feel that toddlers can not encapsulate anything about what was happening around him. So, talking loud, rude, and heightened emotions considered would not affect mental state. If the presumption like that, you're wrong. In his residence, in his eyes a plain, children can feel what is happening around him.

Have you ever, when accidentally yell, then suddenly your toddler cry? It is little sign that your toddler to feel what was felt. He felt no emotion in you that does not directly make him uncomfortable and insecure.

When you are constantly paid great attention to the development of the physical, you should also give equal attention to the development of the psyche. Either way, two things must be balanced equally. Physical and psychological are two important factors in the growth of your children.

Do not underestimate one or the other. Then menomerduakan, and think it is not so important. You certainly do not want to not see the child grow up physically but unbalanced psyche? It is important to notice is the second important element in the growth of the child in question.

Every child is doomed to a package, each different from the other children. They have a stock of physical and emotional or psychological different. It was explained that the physical and psychological attention to a child is important. When you ensure that the body grow well and healthy, the child will have a greater opportunity to have a psychological state that is also strong.

It's the other way around. Children with less physical development, nutrition is not so considered, his health because your negligence as parents, will experience greater disruption in the development of the psyche. Two of these needs will eventually be mutually supportive and complementary.

The phrase is certainly not foreign to you. That in a healthy body and spirit are strong and healthy and strong as well. Relation is when the body gets nutrition well, then he and process nutrients are processed into a substance essential, vital substances such some have a duty to "build up" mood, psychiatric or psychological.

Ever felt like eating chocolate when sad heart center? Or after eating chocolate sudden mood you are sadly turned out to be more cheerful? As it is roughly the picture of the link between diet, nutrition and personality. In this case the personality of a toddler.

2. Future Toddlers and Adolescence

You may be confused. What was the same? Clearly they are different things. When viewed in terms of psychology, both time periods in human life is similar. While not exactly the same. Two time periods in human life is the phase when the feel like to be something bigger.

That is, when a child is in this phase, the more likely they are to try to look up pretty big compared to the other phases. For example, when your child is a toddler, and will move into the kids, it has a tendency to be more like a big fast. He did not want to be treated like a toddler. In fact, he was a toddler.

It is the same when a man stepped adolescent phase. He wanted to get up, but the age and psychology, they are still teenagers. During this time period can be regarded as a quite tough. As a parent, you are required to be able to react properly. if not, it is not impossible it will create a distance between you and your children.

During this time, the children seemed to want freedom. Free of any treatment is to protect but to restrain, and are free from many regulations that should not be done by them. Their curiosity to something new, the greater is also the reason why children's attitudes like iyu.

3. Understand Phase Toddler Developmental Psychology

It is hard to guess what was in the mind of a toddler. Trying to guess just by translating voice crying, not everyone can do it. Moreover, if the baby is your first child and spouse. Hassles translate voice crying will make you panic.

Development of child psychology has been happening since she was born. When first born, and for some time after birth, the baby can not feel fear. Which can be felt only three, that is sad, angry, and happy. But it was not until the age of 6 weeks, the baby is looking expression can be happy with a smile.

Evolving psychological state of the age when babies 8 to 10 months. Emotional or psychological progression that occurs in infants counted fairly extreme and fast. From initially just to smile, the baby started to feel frightened, infants also show a sense of comfort to people nearby, and was worried when away from loved ones.

You must have experienced this. When holding a friend's baby, and the baby crying when you remove it from a friend's arms. It is a reaction to anxiety owned a baby when kept away from people who are considered close to him.

Even so, he does not have the ability to weigh the needs they have. He also could not think of the interests of others. Thus, the nature of their egoism still more prominent.

Sensitivity to the environment around the newly formed during the age of 2 years. At this age, toddlers begin to develop psychology better. A process of thought had happened to them. Although not rare, the result of the thought process that they do not logically be considered for adults.

They conclude for themselves what is happening around. For example, with regard to the car breaking down. They will confidently say the results of their thinking that the car was not able to walk due to being sick. Then, if something is hurting. For example, when he hit the door. They will confidently hit the door and said that the door was naughty.

A thought process is certainly not far-fetched and increasingly make them more adorable. This period will end when he stepped on the number 5 years. At this age, they still tend to be selfish large. However, over time, and attention from you, the good qualities the other kids will grow by itself.

Understanding the psychology of a toddler is very important to be how it should be for a toddler. Because toddlers addressing the wrong way, it will upset him and often will make you hate. So, as a parent, you should learn a lot.

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