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Illustration IVF

Vivi can only be sad and pensive as he followed events involving family, such as a reunion or family gathering in his office. At that must always be asked "How his mother?", "Her first child is what class?, Or" Why, son of his daughter was not invited beard? '. Questions such as strikes his solar plexus.

Why? Because despite twenty years of marriage she has not been blessed with any children seaorang. Moreover, age is now no longer young, at 41 years old. Hope to have children become increasingly disappear because the doctor who examined him concluded that the channel has been broken eggs. Some of his friends suggested Vivi to do IVF. But he himself was still in doubt, as he did not really know about IVF that.

IVF can be an alternative for those who do not yet have children. Although many IVF poured controversy, especially in terms of religion, nonetheless IVF seems to be an oasis. If you want to have a baby, you should know in advance what factors affect the success of IVF.

Understanding Vitro

Is it IVF? What is the relationship between "baby" and "tube"? which certainly did IVF babies savings, because the cost is very large. From penyebutannya alone distinguish the actions of other medical, IVF using the word "program" instead of surgery, such as bladder surgery, kidney surgery, and so on. Thus, IVF is a program that is given to the patient's mother to enter the egg cell with male cells outside the body (in vitro fertilization-IVF) using reproductive engineering techniques.

In vitro is Latin for meaning in a cup or glass tube while fertilization means fertilization. So it is true that the process of fertilization the egg with sperm outside the body occurs or IVF, which is popular with IVF. IVF starts by taking eggs from the prospective mother who already ovulate, using a special tool. Then the egg was fertilized with sperm taken in a liquid medium in the tube, which had been prepared in advance.

Medium where IVF is made in such a way that resembles foster mothers. Medium in terms of temperature, humidity, air pressure, lighting and so made as the original womb. The next step the egg and sperm as the candidate for IVF if successful will become the embryo, aka prospective baby. The embryo was then inserted into the uterus in order to grow into a test tube baby. Thus, the process of making test-tube babies remain in the mother's womb, not in a tube like the perception of many people over the years.
Factors Affecting IVF Success

With IVF is not necessarily a guarantee will have a baby is expected, because the chances of success ranges from 10-45% is determined by many factors, among them, the age of the mother, the quality of the egg, physical and mental condition of the mother, the facility and medical technologies are used, the ability of doctors and teams who handle it, the condition of the mother's womb organ, the degree of disorder, and others.

The following explanation details:

Age Mom

Age plays an important role in the success of IVF is. When you see the success rate of IVF by age of the mother, the results will vary. As the data obtained at Children's Hospital Bunda (RSAB) Harapan Kita Jakarta below:

not all women access to IVF is certainly successful. It may be that the failure was due to the quality of the mother's egg cell which does not allow such a dry, infected, super sensitive. When the egg cell with quality like that when it is fertilized by a sperm cell into an embryo likely the tube baby is very small, even if the embryos had occurred usually did not last long as it will soon miscarriage.
Ability doctor and team Handle

Besides fakor age, the success rate of IVF is heavily influenced by technical problems in the field. There are crucial points during the IVF program, and not all doctors understand this, including:
Avoid the occurrence of bleeding and infection at the egg retrieval in IVF. This can happen because the egg retrieval using a syringe can be about bladder, blood vessels, and intestines. To reduce the risk of these conditions, your use ultrasound in order to obtain results more accurate IVF.

Avoid excessive stimulus ovaries. Stimulus ovary is actually good because for the egg retrieval easier, but if there will be a buildup of excess fluid in the abdominal cavity, causing bloating, nausea, appetite loss and vomiting. The solution is to do regular monitoring during IVF stimulation lasted, in order observed early on.

Avoid taking IVF embryos to excess when they want to be transferred into the uterus. This is to avoid the occurrence of multiple pregnancies, especially for mothers who are aged over 35 years.

When the embryo is formed, there is a risk of miscarriage both in the womb and that occurs outside the womb. Therefore, continuous monitoring while undergoing IVF while maintaining the health of the mother is a necessity.

Physical and Mental Mother

IVF success is not only based on external factors, but more important is the internal factor, namely physical and mental condition of the mother. Danekspektasi unstable mental condition that is too high can be bad for the mother who is undergoing IVF. Provide motivation and attention to strengthen the mother both physically and psychologically. Because it poses lived during IVF many draining, mind and costs.

IVF is much dijadkan choice for a husband and wife who do not also have a child despite long-married like Vivi story above. But before you decide to follow this IVF should learn first the opportunities, risks, preparation and cost. The cost could reach twenty to thirty million and weighs preparation before undergoing IVF is made that not all couples who signed up for this program immediately approved by the hospital.

IVF procedures each pair must pass through a number of selection such as interviews, medical tests, analysis of a team of doctors, and the decision will be taken by a joint meeting of the medical team who will handle this IVF. This is done so that the patient can understand and accept all the risks that will occur during the IVF process takes place. Besides, it is also useful to simplify and increase the mental readiness of couples to the success of IVF.

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