Do not force your child Ideals

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Each child was asked what they want when they grow up. And more often than not, they have responded with a "doctor" or "lawyer" or "movie star." It will always be some stereotypes success. It will always be something that is prevalent in both the popular media and school books. Would you describe the life of your dreams in the same way when you were young? Do not be shy if you have, it's not your fault this information has been drilled into you from the start.

However, this does not mean that you have to conform to these ideals. So what if it's a parent or teacher wants from you? Is that really what you want for yourself? You have your own unique perspective on life and the world you live in. You might be the best life to live, then, is something you conjured up in your own mind. What others have to do with it?

So, ask yourself: what is the life of your dreams anyway? What does it look like? Chances are, combining elements of your life personally most enjoy. This is the life that you maintain completely on your own terms, one of which you have complete control over. This is the kind of existence where your success depends on doing the things you love, and nothing else.

Still confused? Think long and hard. If you have a chance to do one thing for the rest of your days, what is it? Forget your current obligations. Do not take your job, finances, or family into consideration. Whatever the case, whether it's cooking or haute cuisine houses by hand, which is the life of your dreams. That's what you should pursue.

Do you really want to waste your precious time on Earth with your crappy job? When you feel that you have to do something other than what you do now, then why do not you do it? There is no reason for you to act your growth as a person. There is no reason for you to stay on weak grounds. You know they are lame to begin!

A man who slave away day and night for a job he hates but still needs millions of dollars in the house is not successful. A man who makes the same income with the career he loves is true success. By pursuing the life of your dreams, you can be the last man.

What is stopping you, then? Now that you know what your true purpose, you have to go there and meet them. Now that you have a better understanding of what your priorities should be, then the next step should be to avoid delays. The best life is an active life. There is no fairy godmother out there that can help you kick things off. In fact, your very own fairy godmother, and you have all the power in the world to make your wishes come true. No matter the situation, you can only get a true success if you are responsible for your actions from the beginning.

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