Health Psychology

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a. Illustration of health psychology

Swelling of the thyroid gland due to pent-up emotions? Stomach ulcers due to stress? Headaches having just broken up? The body's immune profound sadness fell as a result of recently divorced? These events are often encountered. That is the relationship between physical health and mental health are often discussed in health psychology.

b. Role of Health Psychology

Questions a doctor asks his patient physical condition is normal. The remarkable thing when the doctor asked the patient's psychological state and psychological condition of the association with the development of the patient's physical health.

For example, a patient cirrhosis (liver disease) should be very good at managing stress. If not, the disease gets worse. Physicians should inform patients that the condition does not only focus on physical illness but rather concentrate on the mental health and mind.

Without knowledge of the science of psychology, a paramedic, both doctors and nurses, will not be able to provide maximum service. Healing is not just in spite of the psychological patients. Very often encountered a patient who is not thought to be safe, but is able to survive because of the love from the most beloved.

A glimpse of nothing. But, from the research proved that happiness can improve the body's immune. So, people who are grateful and always try to be happy are those who are more mentally and physically healthy.

c. Travel Health

The belief that healing can be achieved more quickly when the patient happy to have made some overhauled hospital building and changing style of patient management. Application of Psychological science is really done. The hospital made standard hotel with lovely gardens and a very pleasant atmosphere. The hospital is no longer a scary place. The hospital even as the mall. Pediatric patients can be relaxed and comfortable with playing on the playground filled with equipment that is no less sophisticated toys.

Singapore is a country with a serious manage this health tourism. Various promotions Singapore hospitals in both super-sophisticated equipment, doctors and nurses and hospital atmosphere, has attracted so many people flocked to the country to check their health in the service of the king of this. Malaysia also has begun to move. How Indoenesia? Some small and medium hospitals by bringing international image has begun to imitate the style of the sale of services such models Singapore hospital.

d. Seminars and Training Hospital

So complete and unlike the regular hospital, seminars and training now especially concerning the health world is no longer held in hotels but quite in multipurpose room or a conference room at the hospital. This is in addition to promotions also facilitate the conference or seminar looking directly empirical examples of the material being discussed.

Thus, health seminars not only paper but also get collision direct experience of seeing his case is in the hospital. This has been done by the hospital Jogya International Hospital and Eye Hospital Dr. Yap. Both hospitals are very confident that the landscape and the condition of the hospital is very representative.

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