Abnormal Psychology

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a. Illustration of abnormal psychology

In some literature, such as Personality Development written Elizabeth B. Hurlock, abnormal psychology is a study that was developed for the understanding of personality disorders. If we interpret it literally, personality disorders is a personality that no order. He grew into a distinct personality beyond other individuals who have such arrangements norms and ethics. To find out if a person is said to be abnormal, Hurlock analyzed based on several characteristics he mentioned.

b. Manic Syndrome

Symptoms of the manic syndrome characterized by the inability of a person to recognize changes in personality. He could not tell where he was when he was when he was sad or happy. In addition, the inability of the symptoms is also seen physical changes, or age, but his personality is not developed.

Those who belong to the individual abnormal life often dominated by hallucinations. As if they have their own world, their activities were totally misunderstood by ordinary people. Symptoms of hallucinations is then followed by another perlilaku, like talking to myself, a lot of talking, over-active, also became impatient.

Course of normal individuals was sometimes like over-active or talkative. However, usually a normal individual will always be limited by society as law and customary norms. Another feature of the manic syndrome is abnormal in individuals have no sex drive. They totally passive towards the opposite sex and sometimes they take it as the same individual.

c. Psycopathic Personality

In Psycopathic Personality symptoms, someone stated abnormal usually have a very high ego. They do not want to know (because they do not understand) any neighbor positions of others, the most important thing for them is the satisfaction of the ego. Occasionally individuals showed abnormal emotional extreme.

While we were laughing and happy, a few seconds or minutes and then suddenly burst into tears and sorrow. Perhaps the emotional symptoms of rapid change is also influenced by hallucinations. They are also not uncommon to express their feeling, love, angry, happy, sad, or scared degan forms of unruly behavior.

d. Deliquen Personality

Personality Deliquen shape is usually shown with an attitude of self-defense is very strong. They were abnormal more often locked themselves in a quiet and alone. They seemed not to want any attack that comes against him so that they always defend themselves or make a bulwark against everything that exists.

Other symptoms shown are hyper-sensitive. They very quickly express sadness, anger, fear, or happy with the things that the normal person is considered mediocre. Symptoms of hyper-sensitive is to be considered abnormal when individuals relate to others. It could happen quarrel because one does not know and understand the other.

Another form is the unwillingness of Personality Deliquen according to the rules. This is what is referred to as diciplin promblems Hurlock. Whether it's a discipline problem associated with the existing rules in the home, neighborhood, or in school.

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