Characteristics of Schools Implementing Active Learning

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Active learning is a learning concept which is deemed in accordance with the demands of advanced learning. Therefore, each school should be able to implement and develop active learning as well as possible. With reference to the idea of ​​the Curriculum Research and Development Centre Ministry of Education (2010), here are some indicators or characteristics of schools that implement active learning process in terms of aspects: (a) the expectations of the school, creativity, and innovation, (b) human resources (c) the environment, facilities and learning resources, and (d) the teaching-learning process and assessment.


Achievement of learners with more emphasis on "results" rather than "understand".
School organized the event 'competition' that educates and healthy.
Friendly school environment (eg no plants or trees, flower po, trash)
Better yet, if there is a product / work of students who have artistic and economic value / capital for sale.
It's better if there was an exhibition of students work within a certain time, such as once a year.
The work of the students are more dominant than fixing various school attributes.
School life feels more lively, cheerful, and carefree.
School neat, clean, and orderly.
School community mannered, disciplined and friendly.
Open interest in school is increasing.
Schools apply for special selection accept new students.
There are forums channeling complaints learners.
More democratic school climate.
Organized competitions between classes on a regular basis and at the level of secondary education there is scientific writing competition learners.
There is a program of visits to learning resources in the community.
Learning activities on the syllabus and lesson plans emphasize active involvement of learners.
Learners know and can explain about the school environment (eg, teacher's name, the name of the principal, and the common things in the school).
There is a teacher training program (house training) regularly.
There is a forum discussion or deliberation between the principal and the teachers and other education personnel regularly.
There is a program brainstorming, discussion or consultation with partners from various interested parties (stakeholders).


Principals concerned and take the time to receive complaints and suggestions from the students and teachers.
Principals opens in management, especially financial management to teachers and parents / school committees.
Teachers act as facilitators in the learning process.
Teachers familiar with the names of the students.
Teachers open to students in terms of valuation.
The attitude of friendly and smiling teachers to students, and there is no physical violence and verbal abuse to students.
Teachers are always trying to find new ideas in managing and developing classroom learning activities.
Teacher shows the attitude of compassion for students.
Students do a lot of observation in the neighborhood and sometimes learning outside the classroom.
Learners dare ask the teacher.
Learners bold in expressing their opinions.
Learners are not afraid to communicate with teachers.
The students work together regardless of tribe, race, class, and religion.
Learners are not afraid of the principal.
Learners enjoy reading in the library and there are behaviors tend to scramble to read the book when it comes mobile library.
More untapped potential of learners and learners' interests and talents more easily detected.
Expression of students seemed pleased with the learning process.
Learners often put forward the idea of ​​the learning process.
Caution students not easily distracted to people / guests who come to school.


Learning resources used in the school environment learners to learn.
There is a bulletin board run learners are periodically replaced with a new work of learners.
In the principal's office and teachers there are displays of student work.
No props are stacked practices in the principal's office or other space to dust.
The books are not stacked in the principal's office or in another room.
Frequency of visits to the learners the school library to read / borrow the book is quite high.
In every class there is a display of the work of the new students.
There are a variety of learning tools.
Used in a variety of learning resources.


At some level integration approach is applied to learning lessons relevant antarmata.
Looks antarguru no cooperation for the benefit of the learning process.
In assessing the progress of the learning outcomes of teachers use a variety of ways according to the indicators of competence. When the demands of doing a performance indicator, which is assessed performance. When the demands of indicators related to the understanding of the concept, which is an assessment tool used in writing. When the load indicator demands probe elements, tasks (projects) that are assessed. When the demands of indicators to produce a 3-dimensional product, both the manufacturing process and quality, which is assessed is the manufacturing process or product.

No public replicates together, both at the level of the school and the area, in the middle of the semester and / or the end of the semester, because the teacher concerned has identified conditions learners through diagnosis and remediation or enrichment was done based on the results of diagnostic conditions learners.
Model report card provides space to express descriptively already mastered the competencies of learners and who have not, so as to know what is required of students.
Teachers make an assessment as teaching and learning take place. This is done to find learning difficulties and possible achievement of learners can be developed as well as diagnostic tools to determine whether students need improvement or enrichment.

Using a benchmark assessment criteria by which achievement-ability learners are not compared with the other students, but compared to the achievement of competence itself, before and after the study.
Determination of mastery learning criteria submitted to the teacher to control the achievement of specific competencies of learners. Thus, as early as possible the teacher can identify the weaknesses and successes of participants in a particular competency.

Sources: Ministry of Education Research and Development Curriculum Center. , 2010. Developing Guidelines for Active Learning Approach; Book I Methodology Training Materials Reinforcement Learning Based Cultural Values ​​and Character of Nations. Jakarta.

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