Child Psychology

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Understanding the psychology of the child to be an important part of parents in the care of the child. The condition of a child who is clearly different from the psychological condition of adult children making the child is expected to be given extra attention from his parents. It is intended that the development of children can be continuously monitored continuously and positively.

a. Illustration

The following illustration is displayed that hopefully can be understood and be able to provide insight to parents in particular that understand the psychology of children require extra attention and power.

Suppose portrayed a mother who desperately forbid their children to never climb a ladder because the mother worried about her child will fall. The mother said, "Oh dear, please do not naikin ladder, or you'll fall ...." But what happened? The mother screamed even louder again. The child is not obeyed, even he is indifferent to the mother's concerns. His son continued to climb stairs without understanding the danger that would be acceptable if it falls later. "Son, stop, do not ... do not ...!" Cried the mother.

The opposite to what was expected of his mother occurred. The boy did not stop their activities, even climbing the stairs to the next level. So the circumstances provoke an angry reaction from the mother, "Stop it boy! Stubborn you are. Enough is enough! ". Then the mother was holding the child by force. What happened? The child is actually crying because his will even banned by his own mother.

From the illustration at least we can read two things. First, for the child who tetunya also have feelings and desires, even went up stairs to the top, if successful, is the pride and joy he felt. Capability would undoubtedly make the child's psychomotor skills will increase significantly.

In contrast, for the mother of the child rise to the stairs that lead to passionate concerns prohibit even snapped a necessary thing. The mother was worried about the boy who climbed the ladder will fall, feel the pain, and he was as his mother became upset and bothered. Hence, he feels their actions are appropriate and do not deviate. And if you understand the psychology of children who do not all parents had a positive effect.

b. Impact

In a review of the psychology of children from the parents of the child can lead to a person who's timid, afraid to try, easily discouraged, or even less creative, creates a feeling of hatred and revenge, and the most dangerous cause psikomotoriknya ability to be sluggish.

Conversely, if the parents even provide motivation and support to the child by way of maintaining, keeping, even encouraged, then certainly the child will have a high level of confidence. Especially if the parents to dispense praise, for example, "you're a great kid and a smart", the feeling of happiness and pleasure of the child will be accumulated and it was positive for psychological and mental development of children. In conclusion, you as parents must understand the psychology of the child so that the child will grow up with appropriate conditions.

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