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When a person feels troubled and was no longer able to support the weight of his problems, he should still think twice before doing consulting psychology. Especially if the place was not consulted someone who is already famous for its faith and a good personality and also someone who is not a professional in the field of psychology.

Why Should Selective Conducting Consulting Psychology?

Honor yourself must be maintained. Do not let yourself become like a greenhouse that can seem so obvious to everyone. In order to maintain this honor, what a disgrace personally still covered by Allah, not opened to anyone. When a person knows about a personal secret, the secret is no longer secret. It could be at the point of shedding troubled secret, a secret that had been kept open end. When the secret is common knowledge, self-respect is at stake.

Other places do psychological counseling if it is those who believe and know the nature of the mandate of maintaining and keeping promises. So secret that has been ejected will not open up to go to the grave. Finding a trustworthy person is very difficult. Therefore, do not easily open disgrace yourself to others.

If it was going to do psychological counseling to a professional, get to know the person first. Seek as much information about the person. Especially if it was a personal matter that will be consulted regarding the credibility of others as well.

Consultation can turn into gossip arena and this will actually add to the problem. Gossip different from requiring consulting scientific measures which will be analyzed and conclusions drawn scientifically anyway. One more thing, when will conduct psychological consultations, make sure that what is done is not part of the research. If one were to conduct research advisory, research objects deserve notice.

Unless the object of study is considered someone who can not be responsible for himself. When this happens, the family or guardian of the object of study is the right to information from the researcher. Why you should know whether the consultation session is part of a research or not? This is to maintain the dignity and self-respect. Research should be done professionally and with defined procedures.

The results and conclusions of the study will describe what was found during the search process the data. Is what you are willing to suffer to be a part of the research? If not willingly, object study entitled to reject the data used by the researcher.

Be careful Consulting Psychology About Things Very Personal

The problems of life are extremely diverse. Problems sometimes very personal sympathy of others. This sympathy can come even from the people who made the place consulted. That there was a story in the movie where psychologists fell in love with his client may very well happen in the real world.

If the psychologist and client are both single and not married, no matter their love of knitting rope. But, if what happened instead lead to adultery, this is meant to be careful in consulting psychology to someone. Sympathy and compassion can bear fruit eventually turns into longing and need to see it again and again.

In addition to keeping yourself from getting trapped into unnecessary affair, psychological counseling should indeed be done in the open and not done with other types of psychologists. Some argue that sex can also be trapped into a forbidden romance. Therefore, look for a psychologist who can be trusted and believed his faith remains a priority prior to consultation.

A very personal issue can also affect other people psychologically. As well as emotional, very personal issues can also be 'contagious'. For example, one open about her sexuality irregularities, the other end is open and admitted that he might experience the same thing. Then two men come together and felt justified circumstances.

The effect is that others who felt the same boat went along with an open and increasingly many are eventually affected. Though they may still be cured. However, as already found a friend and feel comfortable, eventually sin became more frequent.

Life is interrelated. It is better not deploy if only the things that can make others feel good about sins committed. A psychologist must be very careful in opening the known issues. Do not want to give meaning intentions to others, but instead spread things that do not need to be propagated.

About State Child Psychology Consultation

Consult the troubled state of the child should also be careful. This is because what the consultation will go into the data bank that could someday be a boomerang for the child. Could have children later in life to find someone who really loves, but because he loves it know the history of his problems as a child, he loved people and reject his love.

The problem of childhood might have considerable influence as adults. Therefore, finding a psychologist who is really professional and trustworthy is difficult. A psychologist is a person entrusted with the mandate to save other people's secrets. If the psychologist is not a private good, all the information he could use for things that are beyond the ordinary.

Looking for information about someone who can keep a secret just like looking for a needle in a haystack. Must use a large magnet that needle quickly found. Use all facilities psychologist recommended that search can quickly be realized.

Before Conducting Consulting Psychology

There are several things you can do before consulting psychology. First, try to read some of the issues raised in the consultation psychology that others do. Sites that provide psychological consultation is enough. Just choose randomly and start trying to understand the problem and analyze the response of psychologists available to those pages. Second, Go to the universities that have faculty psychology. Typically, the university has a faculty of Psychology has a sort of laboratory or services to the public regarding psychological problems.

This service may be paid or sometimes even free. Moreover, if the issues raised could be part of a study. Usually gladly researchers will listen and provide a free consultation. Third, newspapers and certain magazines usually provide a space for consultation. Read the newspapers and the magazines. Who knows the problems experienced by sudha even been discussed.

From the discussion, certainly there are things that can be taken a lesson. When you are met with a solution, try to match or seek a second opinion from other media such as the Internet.

Fourth, if finances allow, buy books about psychological issues at hand. Praktikanlah answers that are considered reasonable and easy to do.

Fifth, when the problems faced really can not be solved alone and need someone else, do it properly and Go to the psychologist who is believed to help solve the problem. There is no problem without a solution. Psychological counseling could be a solution.

Illustration of consulting psychology

Humans are multidimensional beings are very mysterious. Despite the development of successful science neither map of human studies in a variety of angles, but the unique and mysterious man will never be able to dikuak. Because it is also natural that every human being has always interested him and getting to know and learn about him. Psychological consultation was rife with discussions and case of man.

In addition, the development of civilization of a nation is determined by the level of education and knowledge society. Because it's one indicator that is often used to measure the number of books published and the number of mass media or a newspaper there. Interest in reading, either read books or newspapers, will increase knowledge. With high knowledge, wisdom and is expected to increase keberadabannya.

Variations Content

One section in the mass media are much in demand is the rubric of psychological consultation. Magazines, tabloid newspapers generally to provide this section by providing a question and answer. Readers submit questions by mail or email, and then the nurse will answer rubric.

Compared to other rubrics, the rubric of psychology is relatively large audience. In fact, not infrequently these sections become a major attraction and the mass media to increase its circulation or circulation significantly. Conversely, not infrequently psychologist who becomes governess section that later became famous thanks to the rubric that fosterage.

For the newspaper published daily, usually providing or displaying rubric psychological consultation at weekly edition. Many reasons why this column is not presented every day, but only once a week. Even then, the emergence of the Sunday edition.

Among them since this section discusses the things that are included in the category of humanity and softnews or soft information. Sunday edition of the daily newspaper is a lightweight edition to provide content variations after each day had always offered a hard news or hardnews.

Entertainment Information

The presence of psychological rubric provided by the mass media was able to provide information as well as entertainment needs of his readers. Evidently, not a newspaper which provides consulting room of this kind are even more in demand and more in frequency than the daily edition. Not a few readers who actually just subscribe weekly edition just because of the rubric.

Some psychologists even a name well known thanks to the rubric consultation fosterage in the mass media. Call it like Leila Ch Budiman caring in the newspaper Kompas Sunday, as well as the names of other psychologists.

Interestingly, the discussion of themes and material that interests the reader is quite varied. Some specific theme, such as issues of love, often a theme of interest to be appointed. Although these themes are often reviewed, but the discussion of the issue seemed to be endless. Rubric psychological consultation was frequently a

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