General Psychology

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a. Illustration of general psychology

Often times we hear about common psychological test in which the test is intended to measure a person's emotions. Psychological testing is widely used in medical and non-medical. Non-medical psychological tests are often used to select a new hiring, including the promotion of employees of the company. This test is important to determine how much the ability of the person, so that it can be placed in the appropriate position.

Whatever success you crave, chances are you have to pass a psychological test exam first. However, you do not need to worry, for a variety of psychological tests you can learn.

There are several methods of psychological tests, including the following:

• Psychological tests using graphic media or images
• psychological testing model focuses on the ability, character and personality are assessed from an image that has been created.

b. Psychological tests using questionnaires

Psychological tests focusing ability and personality of a person's character can be judged from the answers to the problems we have been given.

c. Psychology Test with interview

• The people call it a test interview. In this test, which assessed the ability and personality of a person's character based on the answers of the questions given orally via face to face with the examiner.

• Failure to follow psychological tests often makes people become discouraged. Well that psychological testing was successful, you can learn the following tips:

• Try to be meticulously studied models of psychological tests. Thus, you will become accustomed to the forms of psychological test questions, making it easier for you when following a real psychological test.

• For those who are facing psychological test graphic, try to keep your drawing paper to keep it neat and clean. Do not get dirty, folded, or wrinkled. Because this test is a reflection of ourselves when undergoing all sorts of things that we do.

• When faced with a psychological test, try to be yourself! Be your best self! Because, the answer to each question according to the conditions you really are. Honesty is applied in this test, which will affect the way you work when in the company that you will occupy.

• When taking the test, quantitative or commonly called the test numbers or numerical, to keep in mind is that every number has the same weight. Thus, focus on using existing energy to do the whole matter of the time available. If the work on the problems, you find confusing about that, do not stare and do not wonder at that question. Since this will drain energy and concentration. You could also run out of time just because of the focus on one question. Then do it a matter that should you be able to afford or what you do.

• When taking the test, code and memory, watch and look at the uniqueness of every code. With a unique look at this code, it will assist you in remembering.

I hope the above tips can help you to obtain the results of psychological tests with good test. Who knows beneficial for you to get the job that you expect or for other purposes.

d. Illustration of general psychology

General psychology is one of the disciplines that study of man. This knowledge is especially learn about the condition of the human psyche and its problems related to the control of human beings.

General psychology is studied in order to optimize human potential in himself. How, by controlling the potential problems that exist within him, to then run into a strength. So the problem that there is not an obstacle, but it turned into a capital role for achievement in their activities in life.

If a human being can know and be able to control their psyche, they would be able to determine the direction and strategy. Especially in an effort to apply the potential in him and also to bring the spirit within him. The mention of the word common in general psychology, general psychology means liberating form of the psychology of a specialist, for example, Psychoanalysis, Psychology perkembanag, social psychology, or the psychology industry.

e. All About Attitude Man

Although seemingly simple, but basically not everyone can get acquainted and to control their psychological side. As explained in the theory of Jo-Harry Windows, the introduction of human psychological processes are divided into four sections.

On the one hand, there are parts where one is able to recognize himself and everyone else knows it. The second front is the part where someone could not recognize himself, but other people can actually recognize. The third side, is the side where the person is able to recognize himself, but other people do not know. And the fourth is a condition where a person is not able to recognize themselves and other people do not know.

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