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a. Illustration of psychology journals

Man is a mystery, because it is an exploration of the potential of humanity will never stop. Method IQ (Intelligence Quotion) found Binet-Simmons in the 1900s, much later sued because it only measures one aspect of human intelligence.

Not a bit of psychology journals also sharply criticized this approach because human intelligence is like a mere sequence of numbers that actually eliminate the factor of humanity. After that, came a number of new ideas and approaches that look more fully human.

Goleman sparked the idea, which he called Emotional Quotion (EQ). In addition, there are other approaches that try to synthesize a variety of approaches, making it appear Emotional Spiritual Quotion (ESQ). Finally, the idea for the concept coined Gardner Multiple Intelligence (MI) or multiple intelligences who had received a positive response is quite extensive.

b. Exploration Process

As a new approach, the concept of MI assessed quite perfect and complement the weaknesses that had been overlooked. Many psychology journals praise and support this new concept. Through these multiple intelligences approach, pretty much the human side is revealed. In addition to gaining an intellectual aspect, MI also entered the social sphere, namely the intra-and interpersonal intelligence.

Another advantage of the concept of multiple intelligence is largely because Gardner as the inventor and originator has conducted a series of studies, which take decades. Such a process is certainly not a long struggle, not light. Moreover, it is concerned about the multidimensional human beings full of mystery. Since that time, attention, and also cost quite a bit of it will result in a better conclusion.

c. Intelligence Caliphate

There are a number of experts and psychology journals look rudimentary concept of multiple intelligence is. Moreover, intelligence is the ability to solve problems and create products or work. Intelligence also implies sensitivity, to measure the required translation is more descriptive. One drawback of Gardner's MI concept, have not touched the social aspect or aspects of divinity extensively.

One of the criticisms leveled Susilaningsih psychologist, MA from the State Islamic University of Yogyakarta. He threw Caliphate additional intelligence and wit tauhidiyah to complement the concept of MI Gardner. Intelligence Caliphate touched the wider social skills. Not only about the relationships in intra-and inter-personal, but also touching the solidarity, sensitivity and social leadership. While tauhidiyah or divine intelligence involves sensitivity to religion, morality, and divinity.

The concept of multiple intelligences and intelligence caliphate could basically institutionalized. In fact this concept, according Susilaningsih, can be done right from pre-school, as in the play. All children's potential could be developed integrally. It takes time, attention, and a more complex process, requiring awareness of educators. As a concept, it can be a matter of psychology journals that need further attention.

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