Psychology of Color

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a. Illustration of the psychology of color

Psychology of color is one thing that is formed in the human mind when looking at specific colors. The people who live in places with green foliage, will be more calm. I was so calm, they sometimes do not want to grow like others in the outside environment.

The proof is the lives of the people who are in the woods. Banten Bedouin tribes and tribal children in the jungle or in Jambi. For them, the world of 'green' they are heaven. Modern life is just not it destroy heaven.

Another with the people who live in the desert with a silver color due to the reflection of the sun. They usually have a more aggressive nature and continue to want to move to move as needed. Life moves that make them more vivid. Their clothes are not too many colors. Black, gray, and white to characterize these nomadic people.

b. Blushing Red Colour Psychology

The red color is not only synonymous with the color pink. Red can also make others blush are stunned. Blushing can be a sign of psychological conditions with anger, embarrassment, and even can also be interpreted as a condition of psychiatric hold a passionate longing. Color is also used energy carefully by businesses.

TV One, use red as part of an aggressive news excavation to be able to attract the attention of the audience Indonesia. As television news has to compete with the blue Metro TV, TV One did have to move more swiftly. Agility is very fitting symbolized by the color red that adorn not only the symbol of the company, but also uniforms.

When the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle redden and successfully carrying President Megawati became the first woman, the red color is as a really sank yellow and green Golkar PPP. The red color is indeed able to make sense of people who see a change.

Red was remarkable. People who have great energy and wear red, it would look so energy synergy with the psychological state of those who wore red clothing.

c. Color Psychology in Business

Color has been a material to increase profits. When choosing the right color for the walls of a restaurant, for example, a business would not want to be careless. Apparently the red color is also considered as part of the color of the restaurant. At least the red color can be paired with other bright colors like orange. Look at KFC with the red wall. The red color symbolizes dynamism, courage, valor, tenacity and aggressiveness.

Many companies choose the emblem in red or at least no red element, either a little or dominate. Among the companies with the emblem with a red element is Sriwijaya Air. Red Coat is defined as policies and bravery. Besides Sriwijaya Air, McDonald also took the red as the dominant color symbol. Kraft chose the color red as a line that surrounds the word 'KRAFT' the symbol. Pizza Hut, Wall's, Polytron, and Black chose red as part of the symbol products.

The companies with the emblem in red or slightly red color did not seem haphazard enterprise. Their products are quite marketable. Even the color psychology is also used by the company in selecting the package wrap their products. Indeed, without realizing it when selecting an item that lined the shelves in the supermarket, often that consumers choose products that have a red element.

Note the graphic designs in the pictures contained in the various media. Rarely red abandoned. This bold color is to attract attention. For example, women who wear red are often the center of attention. Cigarette advertising was using the word 'red' in its tag line, "Show your red."

d. Psychology of Color in Elements of Safety and Sport

If you've ever watched a war movie there is a scene taming a bomb, it would have seen cables with different colors. That's the power of color. The red color is defined as the color of the dangers to be avoided. The funny thing regarding the psychology of color in this safety element is the color of the black box in an airplane. The black box that turns orange.

The yellow color is not translated as too dangerous. So even with the color white. The yellow color in a football game taken as a warning. While on the highway, the color yellow is considered as idle. Another red. On the football field, the color red means a reduction in the number of players due to violation of prescribed rules.

e. Psychological Effects of Color in Home Interior

Expanding world of mix-mix colors more and more people have made the choice of colors for their homes. Psychological effects of color in the home even believed to affect the mental state of the occupants of the house.

For example, the color green is considered a cool color for the bedroom, especially for children's rooms. Maroon considered romantic enough for room parents. The pink color often used in the living room. For the kitchen, yellow or orange color was chosen because it is considered to have the effect of increasing appetite. Dark green or light green and blue colors are also used for the front wall colors other than gray, beige, and white.

For people who are dynamic, so color plays an important role in their lives. The house reflects the personality will be made as beautiful as possible and give the feel of a pleasant and soothing for anyone to see and come to the house. Do not be surprised if the person who is so dynamic it will be filled with a variety of colors. One room could even consist of various colors arranged beautiful gradation.

Instead of walls, furniture was chosen based on the color that matches the color of the walls in order to give full effect kemagisan psychological. Careful selection of colors provides an infinite satisfaction. This condition makes people remain vibrant and dynamic remains bright cheerful in carrying out their activities at all times.

f. Color Psychology to Therapy

If you still do not believe that color can provide a tremendous psychological effect, try to wear clothes with different colors. Feel the effects of color are being worn.

For example, the white color makes the wearer more cautious. While the black color makes the wearer to be more cool and do not really care. The black color does make the wearer feel more free to express themselves. Effects of black for a big man too good. Black color provides a slimming effect.

How to use color as part of psychological therapy? Psychologists have long used color as a means of therapy. For people who are less motivated, were in the room as the room warms the effect of red, orange, purple, and gold will make it quieter. From the serenity he felt, subsequent therapy is to give suggestions to the subconscious. The effect of this color will make it run faster therapy and significantly affect effective.

For autistic children are moving so dynamic and unable to control himself, red, orange, purple, gold can also make the brain proceeds quieter. To further make the effect even better the psychology of color, furniture and equipment are also sought therapy has the effect of color. By looking at the world a more colorful, it is expected that children with autism could shift the focus bears his mind on other things.

g. Illustration of the psychology of color

Children are a gift of the Creator and the custodian of the Universe. All children look special in the eyes of his parents. For parents who have children in the category of hyperactivity or autism, will certainly tries various healing therapies. One of the therapies that can be applied is through the psychology of color therapy.

Therapeutic psychology of color is intended to be the children get a balanced stimulus through the characters of warm colors or cool colors. While for a normal child, parents must consider the balance between cool colors and warm colors in the color selection.

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