Psychology of Learning

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a. Illustration psychology study

Learning is a process of fundamental human and complex. By learning an absorbing human science, knowledge, and experience of the surrounding environment. Someone is in the process of transformation into a better human qualities. The influences in the learning process and highlights psychological assessment study, which helped determine the outcome of important achievements.

The progress of a nation can be seen from the school achievement of student learning outcomes, as measured by the standards of the national assessment. The Government through the Ministry of Education is hoping the results Ebtanas conducted simultaneously every year throughout the country can produce a good performance.

Although the problem had caused Ebtanas pros and cons achievements of school students also have not shown the expected results, but the presence of the test nationally accepted standards is very important. Through such testing Ebtanas, it should not happen inequality progress school systems across the region. In addition, the test was also the government can conduct a thorough evaluation of education programs nationwide.

b. Influence Learning

In learning, there are at least three components involved. Components that include students, teachers, and learning resources. As the formula contained in Article 1 of Law No. 20 Year 2003 on National Education that learning is a process that takes place between educators and learners with other learning resources in a given environment.

As a process, learning takes place are very complex. Many studies and research in psychology study that found different correlation between learning influence the final results. A student or the student can not learn well when there is a problem at home. Is that the problem comes from parents, brother or sister, or other home situations, all of which can affect the morale and motivation of students.

So also when the child has a problem with a friend or in association, can also cause decreased academic achievement. Another effect could also come as a result of pressure from the surrounding environment, such as a social disease and the high crime rate in the region also helped determine the students' motivation.

c. School Facilities

On the other hand, students' motivation and enthusiasm for learning and behavior is also influenced by the ability of teachers to teach. Not a few findings that reveal the authoritarian style of teaching student teachers actually killing spree against a subject. Conversely, teachers who are communicative also trigger minor students' perceptions of a lesson.

Other influences are also related to school facilities and educational facilities available. Lack of facilities and learning tools will be able to extinguish the spirit of student learning. Interestingly, a motivation can also be determined by the perception of the students themselves. This could happen due to the influence of mass media information, television, and internal factors own children.

Although complex, but the psychology of learning, learning activities can be mapped and categorized. Each also can be influenced and directed purposely to produce optimal learning achievement. Planning a good education would be able to produce good learning achievement as well, which in turn will increase the nation's progress.

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