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What an athlete feels when seeing a football player collapsed on the pitch during a match? Let alone an athlete, casual viewers and it shocked disbelief. Not so long ago, the football players declared dead. Jolt is certainly to some extent will affect the psychological condition of the athlete who watched the match. For some time, these conditions certainly affect its performance in practice. Sport Psychology is where the function is needed.

Psychologist experienced with a variety of athletes can certainly see signs of when an athlete can not concentrate properly. Sports Psychology has also made thousands of athletes, especially athletes who have special physical and mental shortcomings able to compete in the international arena.

Psychologists who study sports psychology are the ones needed to provide views and insight how to make an athlete is able to discover the capabilities and power of the enormity of the achievement for the best.

a. Stress Athlete - Sports Psychology Provides Solutions

Human beings are full of emotion. Emotion was sometimes unstable. When unstable emotion, anxiety and confusion will hit. At the time of unrest and turmoil struck, whoever they will definitely feel the power of concentration decreases.

When this happens to an athlete who will face major pertandimgan it must take immediate action. Otherwise, results will not only disappoint the athletes themselves, but will also carve a disappointment to the nation. In sports psychology, it is considered a disorder of emotion that should be found redirects mind.

Transfer of mind is not just a physical process. The distressed soul is relaxed and briefed a better way of thinking, so that the mind makes it uneasy even be used as a generator and a driving passion for achievement. Athletes who are upset that given a 'shot' spirit. Injections spirit can remind the athlete, she competed goals and imagine what it would be gained if he can win the game.

Pressure for the pressure obtained by the soul of an athlete can make him overreact. For athletes who are experienced and have been satisfied with the method that has been applied sport psychology by psychologists in their environment, so definitely understand how to manage the emotion that is being swept.

But for new athletes, the state of his soul can be very unstable and he could not give his best performance. All he does on the field does not seem to indicate that he has been practicing for several months. The lack of synchronization between the brain, heart, and body, of course, will make the athlete defeats never wanted.

b. Sports Psychology - Changing Become Zero Hero

Sports psychology in the field of applied psychology that focuses on the mental athletes, it is needed in the world of sports. However, all athletes are human beings who need the recognition of self-actualization. Especially when it's talking about the special athletes who will compete at the event Paraolimpiade. Athletes who experience disability, both physically and mentally, should be given intensive guidance so that they remain stable emotional state and they are able and ready to compete.

Support of all parties, especially the person who is seen by the athletes is a source of motivation and enthusiasm, should be near the special athletes. When only looking at the face of the motivator, the athlete has been able to do my best.

This is where the role of the psychologist who was near the athlete not only provide guidance to the athletes, but also to the motivator. Conditions were so comfortable and supportive that make Indonesia become king Paraolimpiade event held in Solo. Previously, the Indonesian special athletes also remarkable achievements in the arena of great Paraolimpiade in London.

One by one, the gold offered by these special athletes. Appreciation must be given to all those who have made special athletes were able to find the will and ability. Carving achievement was not only felt by the coaches and families. The people who witnessed their success would not be able to hold compassion.

Thrill given by special athletes were really able to get other people who were given gift of perfect physical health, rose and motivated to do the same. This external motivation will help generate internal motivation which eventually led to tremendous motivation that can make people in the position of zero into a hero.

Messy ever have problems with growth hormone, could be an outstanding football player. Intrinsic motivation and external motivation is pumped by people who understand the psychological Messy, have to bear a great talent find a better space to develop these talents.

c. Sports Psychology Help Raise Achievement Sports

That people's mood can indeed affect performance. Look at the Bamboo Curtain country athletes are at their maximum in every game. They are very aware that without giving their best, they will not be able to live well in the country with the largest population in the world. In addition to the development of sport psychology that has been quite rapid, the circumstances and background of an athlete is able to encourage the spirit.

The football players are prepared for the 26th Sea Games in Palembang other day, given the physical and mental training by the military. Physical training does not only provide a more complete physical abilities, but the most important is the spirit of the players. Soul players were whipped in order to fight for their country and the nation and not for yourself.

Fight for others, especially for the sake of the country, this is what spurred all the players to do their best. Although Indonesia finally lost, defeat is not something that is very painful because the players have given the best.

Conditions psychological recovery after the loss is not as important as giving spirit before the match. The defeat was something that sometimes shake the soul and the psychological condition of the athlete. When able to eliminate the shadow of defeat in a short time, then the athlete will be able and ready to compete again in a different game. This is what makes the world-class athletes are able to provide maximum results in each of their matches.

Roger Federer may be used as an example of how he rose from defeat and become champion again. So even with Tiger Woods, who had received the 'defeat' of his soul in the face of the problem. The defeat felt by an incredibly talented athlete is quite painful. The pain was not only felt by Tiger Woods. His wife and family had to bear the pain of betrayal, the Tiger Woods sex addiction mentally ill.

From within the country, there is Rudi Hartono. Rudi was able to carve a remarkable achievement that until now no one badminton athlete is able to compete with Rudi Hartono achievements were outstanding. Although when Rudi Hartono being an athlete, sport psychology has not developed as it is now. The people who surround Rudi Hartono, has more or less know how to apply the science of psychology to Rudi Hartono.

d. Illustration of sports psychology

Perhaps many people are not familiar with sports psychology that can be used as an instrument to boost performance athletes. Urgency application of psychology to athletes play to lift the morale and spirit of play decreased, multiply the spirit, morale and even give injections before the match.

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