Tobacco bidder Cervical Cancer Drug

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Cervical cancer is characterized by the growth of cells - the cells in the cervix that is not unusual. In the early stages the disease is likely to go undetected. At the precancerous stage or dysplasia to stage 1, no grievances felt. New tread stage 1A - 3B there is a complaint. One sign is significant bleeding during sex, while on stage 4B cancer cells may have spread to the brain and lungs - lungs.

The cause of cervical cancer is the Human Papilloma Virus. This virus emerged partly as a result of behavior often change - change partner relationships, causing venereal disease. So far, cervical cancer has no cure antidote, but according to a study at Georgetown University Medical Center's North Carolina University in the United States, concluded that tobacco plants can be an alternative antidote.

According to the study, tobacco plants were able to be a container of genetic progression of HPV virus to produce germ cells which later can be antibodies to the virus triggers cervical cancer.

After investigation, it turns out genetically tobacco plants containing a protein source that can stimulate antibodies against HPV that cause cervical cancer. You can see the collection of articles related to health categories on this site.

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