Wary your Malnutrition In Toddlers

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It is an obligation for parents to pay attention to the health of the toddler. Horrible things like malnutrition among children under five is a problem that should not have happened. Ironically, until now the world still surprised by the many cases of malnutrition that afflicts infants. One of them came from wealthy nations will yield their ground, Indonesia.

Nutrient intake is needed for children who are still growing. If during this period they get less food intake, one result is malnutrition. Children found to cause food shortages in shape changed to take care of it feels very painful for your parents. Sad and a definite concern for anyone who saw it.

Understanding malnutrition itself is lack of nutrition in the body. Or the number of nutrients that enter the body is below the standard. We both know that the nutrients needed by the body are carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fats. If the number of one of the nutrients that enter the body less, the child can be considered malnourished.
Occurrence Causes Malnutrition

The problem is how do you attempt to present something that is good for children, especially in terms of food. Such efforts are often many obstacles. One is the economic problem. The following will explain a little about the various problems that are usually the cause of malnutrition in children under five.

1. Economic Issues

Although supposedly wealthy figures in Indonesia rose quite rapidly, in fact it is not the case in the lower classes. The rich get richer the poor stay poor. So approx. Economic problems is a problem that is quite epic. He has always been a fundamental reason if their baby was sentenced to suffer malnutrition.

The income is still low is really the reason why infants Indonesia is still quite a lot that are in poor nutritional status. With income parents who are not so great, needs food for babies are also being neglected. Let alone to count the number of nutrients contained in the food, let alone choose which foods are good for the body or not, can be eaten alone is a blessing.

The parents are not without knowing that food is an important element in helping future development of the child, but, they then can be anything other than surrender because the state does not take sides. Their efforts certainly not optimal in meeting the nutritional needs of the toddler.

When the factor of economic problems is the reason why many children in Indonesia's malnutrition, in fact this is a common problem. Parties in this case the government, private sector, producers or the community itself. Social sensitivity should be further improved. Cliche, but it is one way that it will be quite effective.

However, in the field, the expertise of the parents also become quite important. Availability of jobs, employment opportunities would be held in vain if they do not have the required expertise. Training to improve the skill can be one alternative alleviate Indonesian citizens from poverty.

Providing venture capital, can also be a form of relief that is sure to benefit them. This kind of help as it tends to be more beneficial than its direct assistance such as food or staple goods. Supposing, you will be more helpful giving a fishing pole, rather than giving fish.
2. Education levels are Still Low

Do not mean to blame anyone, this factor is also a factor why malnutrition in Indonesia is still comparatively high. It must be admitted that Indonesia has a fairly low level of education compared with developing countries.

As a measure, the level of education in Indonesia is only able to achieve a rate of 17.3%, a far cry compared to other developing countries the figure has reached over 35%. So if a school of 100 children, and other developing countries managed to "educate" 30 of the people, Indonesia is approximately only able to "send" as many as 10 people.

Then, why this is also a factor in infant nutrition fulfillment? This in turn relates to economic levels. And economic levels that also had been the major factor in malnutrition. Those with higher education, will likely have a greater chance to work. Thus, the need for food will be more affordable.

An understanding of something that is low are also factors that interfere with the fulfillment of nutrition for children. Parents are more aware of where the food is nutritious or not the course is a better guarantee for the health of children. It really can be felt by you when it becomes the parent.

3. Mindset Of Food

What does he mean? The mindset of the parents when choosing food is sometimes driven by their concerns on prices. Especially for those who are not so fortunate coincidence in economic terms. In fact, not all the nutritious food has a high price.

The idea that nutritious food can only be redeemed with a lot of money is not entirely true. Maybe there are some, but certainly not all. Choose smart foods could save the child's health and your finances.

Eggs, tofu, tempeh, certainly not a food at a great price. You can give it as a fulfillment of food nutrition for infants. The ingredients are quite simple will not be simple if you can process it intelligently.

If you occasionally replace eggs, tofu, tempeh with chicken it was also not a difficult thing. Just one or two weeks. As the variety of food. Or, you could be the creation of a variety of inexpensive food become cheap. Everything is back on your creativity.

The bottom line for us as parents. How a future generation may well printed if the parents do not really care. Caring can begin by looking at the food that goes into children's bodies.

Toddler traits with Malnutrition

You who have a toddler, you should need to find out all sorts of information regarding your child's health. Especially the characteristics of this malnutrition. Because, who knows even if you are already maximizing the baby food, there are a few things accidentally forgotten. Furthermore, this information can add to your knowledge, is not it?

Characteristic is most noticeable in children with malnutrition is a skinny body. Make anyone who saw it did not have the heart. Like the bones that only a leather-wrapped. It's a sad thing. The following are characteristics for you.

You need to know that poor nutrition can be divided into three types, namely marasmus, kwashiorkor, and the combination of the two, marasmus-kwashiorkor.

1. The characteristics of Marasmus

When a child suffering from marasmus, he will have the following characteristics:

• Her body will shrink thin. As the only skin over bone.
• Can be identified from his face turned into old. Caused by meat in the face of shrinking.
• Tend to fuss or cry easily.
• The skin becomes wrinkled, because the layer of fat that has been eroded.
• Fat tissue is reduced.
• You can see the child's stomach became distended and visible ribs concern.
• Usually frequent infections.
• Experiencing acute diarrhea.

2. The characteristics of Kwashiorkor

Toddler suffering from Kwashiorkor have characteristics:

• The body swelling, especially in the legs and face.
•'s eyes turned into a glaze.
• be turned into reddish hair, easy to fall without causing pain in children.
• Children will tend to be fussy and being apathetic
• Their hearts enlarge
• their muscles shrink
• In the skin there are red spots that turn black and peel.
• Suffering from anemia and diarrhea
• And often suffer from infectious diseases.

Of the two explanations malnutrition traits above, surely you can imagine how the traits of a toddler suffering from Marasmus-Kwashiorkor. Definitely more apprehensive. Hopefully, that information can be a lesson to you, so that malnutrition among children under five do not happen to men beloved daughter.

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