Toddler Food Recipes

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Thinking about what your toddler eat today can certainly make you upset. Keleyangan to make a lot of homework neglected. Problems like this are certainly often experienced by young couples for the first time to have a baby. Do not worry about the food issue, because now it has a toddler food recipes and more easily obtained.

Food becomes essential in the growth period of children. Due to the variety of food choices, the variety of nutrients needed by the body will be fulfilled. The problem, choosing quality foods contain nutrients that are needed by the body is not at all easy. At least, you have a lot to read or find information about the contents that exist in any food.

Being a mother who watched family health, especially children who are in a period of growth and development is not at all an easy job. If you are confused about where to start, try to pay attention to food intake on them. Still confused as well? You are not the only mama who confused. There are many other mama out there who are also confused.

The amount of food available does not guarantee the smooth running of your creativity. Stock a lot is actually sometimes confusing. The incorporation of these materials may not be suitable from one another. Not to mention the collaboration of nutrients produced. Is it good or bad and even redundant?

Yes. Although impressed dramatize, in fact it does happen. Concerns when food is actually not suitable for children, such as allergic or something, is the most frightening specter. You should not worry too much. Equip themselves with the knowledge and the knowledge of the food can be a major capital.

For information, toddler certainly not the same as a baby. Their sense of taste is much more optimal than a few months old baby. Digestive organs such as teeth have started to grow, so that the food given to them textured match. This is both as a means of introducing a variety of foods to children.

Here are some toddler food recipes that you can try

1. Tim Noodles with Mushroom Buttons and Fish

Bored with rice team, time to change your toddler menu with noodles teams. How to make it? And what materials are needed?

Materials that you should provide is:
Use special baby dry noodles. You can find it in specialty food stores baby. Or if you want to use regular noodles, should be boiled and then wash off with warm boiled water. Prepare about 50 g.
Salmon. Fish is good for your toddler's brain growth. Provide as much as 30 gr.
Fish stock.
Button mushrooms. A total of 20 g, finely chopped.
1 egg yolk.
And cheese.

How do I cook it?
If you are using dried noodles special baby, boiled noodles with salmon using fish stock. Salmon used should be cut first. But if you use regular noodles, poached salmon first enter the chopped button mushrooms, after all the soft material, put noodles. Lower the heat.
Then enter chopped button mushrooms.
Last enter the egg yolks and cheese. Stir until cooked and soft. Tim Noodles with Button Mushrooms and fish ready to eat!

2. Spinach and Shrimp Boil rice

Toddler's time to get food texture. Do not merely give porridge. Because, textured foods will help him get used to chewing. The next recipe is Rice Spinach and Shrimp Boil.

Ingredients you need to prepare are:
Rice that has been washed clean by 2 to 3 handheld.
Spinach leaves that have been chopped.
The shrimp that have been cleaned, roughly chopped.
Chicken or beef broth.

How do I cook it?
Cook the rice that has been washed. How to cook similar to porridge, but the water will not interfere too much. So that later, the rice is still textured and not too crushed like mush. The water used should broth, so that later you do not need to add the broth at the end. This is done to keep the rice was not too devastated.
Enter the chopped shrimp.
If the rice has started to dry up and the prawns have started to change color, put chopped spinach leaves. Stir briefly, let the spinach wilt, and lift.

3. Tim Corn with Gammon and Tempe

Materials to prepare for your course menu of corn. Select sweet corn, so that the use of spices, such as sugar can be slightly minimized. So, what I should be prepared and how to make it?

Materials that you should provide is:

• Two cob of sweet corn.
• Meat snapper by 30 gr
• Tempe much as 30 gr
• 2 tbsp rice as
• Carrots that have been shredded by 30 gr
• Meat plum tomatoes, chopped
• Celery chopped fine
• meat broth and a little salt.

How to make are:

• Boil first two sweet corn cob that had been prepared. Gyre seeds and puree. Do not be too soft.
• Boil the meat too snapper, puree.
• Steam tempeh, then puree
• Combine the mashed corn, meat that has been mashed snapper, rice, tempeh has been mashed, salt, celery and broth.
• Once all mixed together, steamed. A large portion can be used for several meals. Surely no more than one day yes.

4. Tim Sweet Corn Macaroni with Sausage

Recipes What is this? Relax, this recipe certainly will not be denied by your toddler. It was delicious and fairly simple way of making the appeal will be this next recipe. Check out the ingredients and how to make it below!

The materials you need are:

• Macaroni much as 30 gr
• The sweet corn cob
• 3 pieces of chicken sausage
• Chicken Broth
• Eggs 1 point
• starch two tablespoons of water to glue
• cheese and a little salt

How do I make it?

• All you have to do first is to boil the macaroni until cooked, then set aside.
• Boil the sweet corn as well, then rontokkan seeds and mash roughly.
• Enter the macaroni and sweet corn collisions into a single container. Then enter the water flour, eggs, chicken sausage slices, salt and cheese. Stir until blended.
• Steam the mixture for some time. Macaroni team ready to eat.

5. Japanese Tofu with Mushroom Soup Ear

Menu one is definitely well suited to the tongue of your toddler. Abundant sauce is usually preferable children, is not it? You can serve with warm rice. Toddler You must eat voraciously.

So, what are the materials needed? You have to prepare this:
Know Japanese or silk that are sold in the market. Choose shrimp that taste.
Chicken broth, beef, or shrimp.
A little salt and sugar

If these materials are readily available, you are ready to struggling in the kitchen.

How to production?
Wash the mushroom first, then slice being. In the sense not too soft nor too rough.
Heat the broth, then enter the mushroom, wait until slightly cooked.
Then enter out of silk that has been sliced ​​to suit your taste. We recommend that when cutting out, not too small, because it knew would easily destroyed by the texture of Japanese know or know very soft silk.
Enter a little salt and sugar, and celery.
Wait until re-boil and Japanese tofu soup ready to be given to your toddler.

6. Cah Broccoli with Garlic Chicken Chest

Toddlers means infants under the age of five. Began introducing a wide range of spices would be no problem, right? We started with the garlic. Ingredients you need to prepare are:
• Broccoli
• as much as 30 grams of chicken breast
• 2 cloves garlic
• Salt and sugar
• How to make it quite simple, namely:
• Geprak garlic and saute
• Enter a chicken breast that had already been washed and finely diced
• Add a little water to cook chicken breasts
• Enter the broccoli, salt and sugar
• Wait a few minutes until wilted broccoli. Serve with warm rice. Your child would love it.

Some recipes are secured toddlers have adequate nutrients for your toddler needs. Do not be afraid of difficulties, because the recipes are guaranteed simple. Good luck!

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