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Cholesterol, health conditions related to many people around the world have been turned into the root where the major diseases and illnesses arise from. According to the definition by the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 7th Edition, Cholesterol is a substance found in the blood, fat and body tissue in the body can lead to many heart diseases etc. This shows that not all cholesterol is bad because there was a actually good and bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol that our body needs is known as HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) while the poor known as LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein).

So, if you are concerned with what is driving the bad cholesterol in your body, you may find that it has been linked to what we eat. The food is a necessary and important to reduce or maintain the level of cholesterol in check. For example Pate, Macaroni Cheese, Milk shakes, Butter, Red Meat, Pastry, etc. Fries can constantly improve one's cholesterol levels while Olive Oil, Pawns, Rapeseed Oil, Eggs, etc. can remain in check. Not just what we eat or the kind of food that we eat that increase a person's cholesterol levels but also the way in which it is being prepared. Many people who love their food Roasting and Frying, (believe that method really brings out the flavor of the food so nice, beautiful and anything our imagination can think of) after eating and enjoying, the terrible regret the tell-tale in their system.

I'll tell you, baking and frying seriously have a huge impact because of the level of oil consumption, which in turn is stored in our body thereby increasing the level of cholesterol in our body and expose us to a heart attack and heart-related diseases. So instead of Roasting and Frying, why not go for Boiling, Baking, Micro-wave and Piracy.

Also Survey research and the work of the 'have shown that having at least thirty minutes of daily intensive exercise can root cause of high cholesterol. For instance pool, Jogging, Running, Walking,, Cycling Dancing etc., can increase this rate.

Finally, if we help ourselves by putting a drop for their butter, fatty and greasy foods, healthy living doors will surely open. Therefore act now are some tips that can improve cholesterol hope all has gone well, but it might just negate the other bridge to heart disease and unhealthy living.

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