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7 Dictionary Blogger For anyone who still green (including me) who do not know much about the world of blogs, there are some terms that we need to know. Create an already red, which has a lot of salt to eat blog world also does not hurt to really read this article-caca. Here deliberately not arranged alphabetically but organized by categories respectively.

1. Blog
• Blog: a term first used by Jorn Barger to describe a group personal website is always updated continuously, and contains links to other websites that they find interesting along with comments.
• Weblog: another term of the blog.
• Blogging: the activities carried out in the blogosphere.
• Bloggers: someone who does blogging.
• Other meanings: a blog from google services.
• Blogosphere: the blogging community.
• Post: activities to submit articles to the blog.

2. Forms of Blogging
• Photoblogging: a blog that focuses on the world's Photography and pictures.
• Podcasting: a method for distributing multimedia files (video / audio) online through feeds
• Autocasting: podcasting forms automatically.
• Blogcasting: merging blogs and postcas in a wensite.
• Vlog / Vlogging: blogging types who prefer to use a video instead of text.
• audioblog / Audioblogging: blogging types who prefer to use the audio / music than text.
• moblogs / Moblogging blogging activities by using HP (mobile).

3. Components and Functions Blog
• Index page: the front page of the blog.
• Header: the top of the blog.
• Footer: the very bottom of the blog.
• Sidebar: columns that are on the blog.
• Link: process to connect to a post / contains or web / blog to another.
• Archive: collection / archive of all posts. Can be grouped in the months, years and so on.
• Categories: collection / specific group of several articles.
• commnets: Kompentar-comments from the readers.
• Captcha: acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart", which is an image that contains the word or letters that must be typed in for verification. Useful to prevent spam.
• Ping (Packet Internet Grouper): serves to inform the services related to the blog (like tchnocarty et al) that we have to add or update the content of our blog.
• Trackback: serves to inform that we link to blog posts or articles for other people.
• Blogroll: dijukan set of links to other blogs.
• Template: basic design blog.
• Plugin: a file that serves to add feature2 blog.
• Dashboard: a view that contains controls, tools, settings, etc. The first time we logged on to your blog account.

4. Service Provider Blog
• Blogger / Blogspot: free blog service from Google.
• Wordpress: One of the other free blog service, has a feature that is more complete than but we can not manipulate the HTML script, if you want to edit must pay first, so why can not edit the free ones.
• LiveJournal: Tolls free blogging from SixApart
• TypePad: Tolls blogging is not free (paid) from SixApart.

5. Bloging Habits
• Metablogging: write an article about blogging.
• Blogstipation: being lazy blogger blogging, because it was in a bad mood or not pingin blogging.
• Blogopotamus: a very long blog post.
• Bleg: is when someone begging on a blog.
• Blego: Blog + Ego, a measure of wealth blogger.
• Blog Hopping: Moving from one blog to another blog.
• Blogroach: Commenters who disagree with or contains a blog post, usually expressed harsh words.
• Blogoholic: Addicts Blog.
• Blogorific / Blogtastic One thing that is awesome from the word blogger.
• Blogsit: Maintenance blog when the blog's main owner is traveling or on vacation.
• Blogvertising / blogvert: The ads on the blog.
• Blurker: Readers of the blog only to see it, do not leave comments or whatever.
• Blogathon: mengaupdate blog every 30 minutes and for 24 hours non-stop.
• Blogiversary: ​​Birthdays Blog.
• Blog Carnival: Links to other articles are disguised with a specific topic.
• Multiblog: running multiple blogs.
• Tipping Blog: praise or congratulations every 1st of each month.
• Blogger Bash: Party bloggers.
• Reciprocal Links / Link Exchange: Link or Love, mutual linking between blogs blogs with one another.
• Linkbaiting: write a good article to be linked by other blogs.
• Hitnotice: refresh browser repeatedly to see the hit-counter or see if there are new comments or not.
• blogstorm / Blogswarm: Activity huge community of bloggers.
• Blogsnop: reject responses from commentators who are not friends.
• Doppelblogger: bloggers who copied content from another blog.
• Blogophobia afraid of blogs or blogging.
• Blogeerel: The same opinions were posted repeatedly on a blog.

6. Types of Blogger
• Problogger: Bloggers who are professionals.
• Blogebrity: Bloggers are very famous, celebrities like that.
• Blogerati: Community Bloggers who are clever-clever.
• Blognoscenti: Blogger who has a special ability.
• Commnetariat: Community commentators
• Dooced: losing a job because of his blog.
• Blogther: friends / relatives / family blogger.
• Blogstar: Blogger who operates a very popular blog.

7. Web / Blog Feeds
• Web Feed: the format of the data provided for the user to be able to subscribe to a blog post.
• RSS: XML is a file format for sindikas. RSS lets you subscribe to a web / blog that provides the feed (feed) RSS. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0), Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0), RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 and 1.0).
• XML: (eXtensible Markup Language).
• RDF: (Resource Description Framework)
• Atom: almost the same as web feeds.
• Photofeed: web feeds with image attachments.

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