How to Make Baby Porridge

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Pureed baby food did we have to consider the nutritional content and benefits for the baby, because the pulp is complementary feeding for the baby. Seeing and knowing the development and growth of your baby is not to be missed. Development and growth of the baby can not be separated from parenting and eating habits adopted by her parents. Good parenting and appropriate memdorong baby into a better person. Meanwhile, diet and nutrition given to the baby's parents will give baby growth and development are maximized.

Diet and nutrition baby must be considered since the baby was born into this world. Breast milk is a source of nutrients that must be provided by the mother to her baby. The content of highly nutritious milk will encourage development of the child. However, in addition to breast feeding, your baby also needs other food intake. Supporting food intake for the baby such as baby cereal.

Stage of development of baby food should be adjusted in the age of the child. As we all know, babies aged 0-6 months are still eating liquid foods such as milk or baby formula. When the age of 6-12 months, babies start eating soft foods, semi-solid, with a soft texture. Until the child is 12 months, he was ready to eat solid food, with a somewhat coarse texture (like adding diced vegetables or fruit into the baby porridge or gruel team strain), and varying flavors. As for choosing baby food, things that need your attention is the hygiene of the food, made their own food (raw food) and instant food products.

Baby Porridge is the Baby Food Menu - Noting baby food is absolutely to be done by a mother. Nutrition in infants should be of particular concern for children can grow and develop healthily. Moreover, the baby is still young age, although in fact no need to consider the age of the baby. Yes because infant nutrition MUST be considered.

Market housewife can find a variety of different baby cereal and baby food variety that can be given to children. However, try to make your own baby porridge that is his own satisfaction. Besides mother knew better quality of existing pap, creativity mother in baby food processing will also be better.

Including baby cereal foods. Pap has many variations. For example, milk porridge for babies 6 months, pureed fruit for babies aged 7 months, and the slurry filtered.

Here are some recipes that can be given as a slurry complementary foods for your baby.

Pumpkin Porridge and Tomato Broth

4-6 Ceker Chicken
Tomato and pumpkin

Boil about 4-6 chicken claw with 1 cup of water, then strain.
Peeled tomato skin and seeds discarded.
Pumpkin cut.
ADD tomatoes and yellow squash into boiling broth chicken claw. After thawing, crush and strain (can also use a blender to make it easier).
Swamp Cabbage and Carrot Broth Porridge

4-6 Ceker Chicken
Kankung (leaves only) and carrots

Kale leaves that have been cut into the boiling broth loaded with chunks of carrot.
After thawing, crush and strain (can also be blended to make it easier).
Porridge Spinach and Carrot Broth
Chicken Ceker 4-6.
Spinach (leaves only) and carrots.

Choose spinach daunya only and carrots into small pieces.
Enter the leaves of spinach and carrot pieces into the boiling broth.
After thawing, crush and strain (can also be blended to make it easier).
Porridge Potato Broccoli

40 grams of chicken meat, wash, remove fat, cut into small pieces.
100 grams know, small pieces.
200 grams of potatoes, peeled and cut into small pieces.
40 grams of carrots, peeled and cut into small pieces.
25 grams of broccoli, florets appropriate quotation, then into small pieces.
120 ml water.

How to make:
Insert meat chicken, tofu, potatoes, and carrots to the pan. Add water, then cook until boiling. Then, cover and let stand for 30 minutes.
Enter the broccoli, cook in a closed state for 10 minutes or until the broccoli tender. After broccoli soft, remove the materials in the pan.
Put it in a blender and puree. Pour in a bowl and let cool.
Mashed potatoes broccoli ready to be served.
Banana Apple Porridge

250 grams of bananas
100 grams of apples
7 tablespoons milk formula (milk can be customized)
250 water

How to make it
Boil briefly banana ambom
Cut apples into small pieces, then boiled apples for a while.
Put boiled bananas, apples, and milk into a blender. Puree. Once smooth, pour into a container and allow to cool before serving
Tim Rice Heart

600 ml of water.
2 tablespoons of rice.
25 grams of chicken liver, small slices.
25 grams of tempeh.
50 grams of pumpkin, scar.
1 slice of ripe tomato.
1/4 teaspoon salt Smooth.
1 teaspoon of oil.

How to Make:

Cook the rice with water, chicken livers, and tempeh. Stir gently until slightly thickened. Once thickened, put yellow squash, tomatoes. Then cook, stirring frequently, until cooked. Then, add the salt and oil, stirring until well blended. Remove and leave to cool. Once cool, strain or enter into a blender and puree. Then, pour in a bowl and serve.

Those are some examples of baby porridge recipes that you can try at home for a beloved child. Indeed, to make nutritious baby food that needed some kind of food at the same time does not make tired babies. Therefore, it is better, she also gave some examples of food products that can be trusted for the baby's health.

Some important things to note is check the basic ingredients of baby food. If you want to make yourself at home, make sure the raw materials such as chicken, meat, vegetables, fish. For example, choose fresh fish gills are still red, his eyes were red, and his body did not go down when pressed. Similarly, vegetables, choose vegetables that are fresh, not wilted, and the color does not turn out to be dark.

Meanwhile, if you prefer instant baby food products, note the expiration date of the product. In addition, notice instant baby food product packaging. Do not choose a product that has been damaged packaging, torn, perforated until the contents of food and even out of the packaging. It allows food products that have been contaminated with the bacteria that will cause your child experienced gastrointestinal upset.

Another factor to consider is the nutritional content of the food. For instant food, you can read the label lists nutrients contained in the product in advance if you choose to give your baby food from a product. Make sure you choose the instant foods that do not contain artificial flavors. As for the selection of ingredients that will make your own food at home, you can know the nutritional content of the food pyramid to understand the principles of balanced nutrition for babies.
Note also how to process baby food or in this case the baby was mush safely. When you choose a heated manner, note the proper temperature to cook baby food so that all germs and bacteria can die. You should never ever use spices when preparing food baby. MSG seasoning containing potentially cause damage to brain cells and can reduce immune function child. And do not forget to taste the food that has been cooked before being given to the child, to determine whether the temperature of the food has been comfortable for him. However, if you want to cool the baby food, watch the exact room temperature and freeze in the freezer.

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