Symptoms of Stroke

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Stroke symptoms can be experienced by anyone, it's easy - I hope your friends - your friends will never experience it ... he ... he .... Stroke is a disease that occurs in the brain blood vessels that caused the bleeding in the brain and can cause paralysis of the sufferer. Many are found, people who have a stroke becomes difficult to talk and speech is not clear, one side of his body paralyzed and can not be moved. For those of you who are looking for a collection of articles on stroke, I am writing this simple may provide input for you to know more about stroke.

Many of the definitions given for the layman stroke. Next Paralysis, coma, seizures or talk pelo. But the definition of stroke according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is a sudden neurological deficit (rather slowly), that lasts more than 24 hours and is caused by blood vessels or circulatory factors, namely the blockage or bleeding in blood vessels.

Symptoms of Stroke

• The following are symptoms of a stroke are often experienced by people with stroke:
• The weakening of the central nervous system and decreased sensory function.
• Feeling confused and recall experiencing perurunan.
• Decreased ability to hear, taste, feel, smell a rat, decreased reflexes.
• Losing the ability to speak as pronounced day - day.
• Losing the ability to count.
• Can not recall the people or things around that are commonly encountered day - day.
• Feel tingling and pain on one side of the body and tingling around the mouth.
• Seizures on one or all of the body that sometimes - sometimes disappear.
• Swallowing disorders and the mouth looks or feels skewed (Javanese language = mencos).
• Next weak limbs (legs and arms) or weak all limbs (legs and arms)

Stroke Symptoms sometimes - sometimes not recognized by the patient and consider it only as a condition that does not fit it, as people who care about our health should be alert to the slightest change upon us in consultation with the doctor who is an expert. By understanding the symptoms of stroke more severe conditions can be avoided.

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