Why does a blogger need to learn SEO

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Work a blogger

There are two types of bloggers in my opinion, the first type is the type of a blogger who writes on his blog with his own work or the quality of his own, who think hard to produce a work for the benefit of the visitors. Type bloggers like this is the type of blogger who maintain self-discipline produces original content, new, unique and different from the others.

The second type is the type of a blogger who does not produce any work but continued writing on his blog with the results obtained from the copy paste or adapt results from other sources. Type bloggers like this may be more focused towards the business or profit oriented.

The difference in the two types of bloggers

A blogger who writes on the blog with an original quality content and content adaptation results from other sources in fact they are not much different when the content presented is sinking or not visible on search engine results on Google. Although different from the quality of the content, but if it does not appear on the search engine result that good content is worth - nothing.

So why bloggers need to learn SEO?

What a pity if a blogger who writes painstakingly struggling to write good content but never appear in the search engines. Bloggers who like this need to be helped and need to study in order to learn techniques SEO SEO content is generated it will be easier to find on Google scatter machine, original and quality content is worth it to get the first page in search engines even have painstakingly promoting her.

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