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a. Definition

Computing in fact be interpreted as a way to find solutions to the problem of input data using an algorithm. This is what is called the theory of computation, a sub-field of computer science and mathematics. For thousands of years, the calculation and computation is generally done using pen and paper, or chalk and slate, or done mentally, sometimes with the aid of a table. But now, most computing was done using a computer.

In general iIlmu computing is a field of science that has a focus on mathematical modeling and numerical solving techniques and the use of computers to analyze and solve the problems of knowledge (science). In practical use, usually in the form of the application of computer simulation or other forms of computing to solve problems in various fields of science, but the development is also used to discover new principles are fundamental in science.

This field is different from the computer science (computer science), who studied computing, computing and information processing. This field is also different from the theory and experiment as a traditional form of science and scientific work. In the natural sciences, computational science approach can provide new insights through the application of mathematical models in computer programs based on the theoretical basis that has been developed, to solve real problems in the art.

b. Birth

Science or science based on an object studies distinguished between Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology. Science can also be classified based on the dominant methodology used, which is the science of observation / experiment (observational / experimental science), scientific theories (theoretical science) and computational science (computational science). The latter can be considered to form the new emerging along with developments in computer processing power and the development of techniques of numerical methods and other computational methods.

In science (science) traditional such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology, the science of classification based methodology also manifests dominance, as indicated by the appearance of specific areas based on the classification of TSB. complete with relevant journals for reporting research results. For example in chemistry, chemical complementary experiments (experimental chemistry) and theoretical chemistry (theoretical chemistry), also developed computational chemistry (computational chemistry), as well known in the field of Biological Sciences Theory (theoretical biology) and Computational Biology (computational biology), complete with journals such as the Journal of Computational Chemistry and the Journal of Computational Biology. How different classifications used by another classification based on the object of study, such as the chemical classification of Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Biochemistry.

Although with a different point of view, computational science as a third form of knowledge (science) has been expressed by various parties, including Stephen Wolfram with his famous book: A New Kind of Science, and Jürgen Schmidhuber.

c. Computational science

Computational science is a branch of computational science. In general, computational science study computational aspects for application / solve problems in science, such as physics, chemistry, biology and others.

In Indonesia, many scientific meetings or activities associated with computing, but generally more related to aspects of information technology. While studies in computing science is lacking. This is not surprising because the computational science favors a purely theoretical study, so the community is still very limited as well as theoretical physics. There is only one directly related scientific activities and focus on the study of computational science, the Workshop on Computational Science, held annually by the members of the consortium Computing Society Indonesia - MKI.

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