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Consumers are every user of goods and / or services available in the community, both for the benefit of yourself, your family, other people, or other living beings and not for trading. [1] If the purpose of the purchase of such products for resale (Java: wholesale ), so he called the retailer or distributor.

a. Consumer Behavior

If the views of consumer behavior in the consumption of a product can be divided into two kinds, namely rational consumer behavior and consumer behavior irrational.

      1. Rational Consumer Behavior

A consumer can be said to be rational if the following notice:

• The goods can provide optimal usability for consumers
• the goods are really needed consumer
• the quality of goods is assured
• the price according to the ability of consumers

      2. Irrational Consumer Behavior

A behavior can be said to be irrational consumption if the consumer is buying goods without thinking beforehand usefulness. Examples are:

• interested in the promotion or advertising in both print and electronic media
• have a brand that is familiar to many consumers
• there is a sale or stock bonuses and discounts flooding
• prestige or prestige

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