How to Care Baby

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Day-to-day with your baby is a very happy moment. Especially if your baby was the first child, all the attention and ability to be poured out for her baby. So is the baby care issues will certainly be a very valuable momentum. Not a few new things you'll find on a creature called man.

Newborns up to a year old, likely only going to do the monotonous, that is lying in bed or picked up. During this ongoing process of growth and development of children is particularly concerning the formation and strengthening of tissues in the body, as well as the baby's body motor coordination. The monotony of this kind of position sometimes makes the baby feel sore and crying to indicate the condition of the body which is less convenient.

a. Benefits of Infant Massage

However, parents often get confused with this condition. Mistaken for hunger, but after being given breast milk or food supplements, never stop crying. When the sling is sometimes still cry. This is where the importance of infant massage done. Purpose of massage on infant care is very important, including:

• To flex the muscles and the body of the baby and stimulate muscle growth as well as the baby's body tissues.
• Stimulate and stimulate the circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory and heart rate, as well as the baby's immune system.
• Provide comfort and peace of mind in the face of the baby that often cause stress on the baby.
• To provide a psychological effect on the relationship between mother and baby were attentive and affectionate.
• By massaging and touching the baby's entire body will provide a more in-depth knowledge about the condition and development of the baby.

b. How to Massage

Massage the baby care should be done in the morning or evening in a warm room. Create an atmosphere while massaging into something fun for the baby, as accompanied by soft music.

When the massage, babies should not be in a state of hunger or satiety after eating. Lay your baby and do oral communication as well as the eyes of the massage takes place.

As for the baby massage techniques are as follows:

• Use the tip of the palms of hands to do the massage. Gentle massage done with the pressure as needed. If you need to use baby oil.
• Start the massage from the forehead of the baby steps. Place the end of the second telapan your hands in the middle of the forehead of the baby and do massage to the left and right buttons simultaneously to the temple and the side of the head, and also to the cheek.
• Once the massage was done up in the head gently. Be careful when touching the baby's fontanel usually still beating when baby aged less than 6 months.
• Also a massage at the bottom of the baby's mouth using both your thumbs from the center to the side.
• For the chest, begin massaging from the chest and then move to the left and right side from top to bottom, as if to form a heart. Make a well in the shoulder in a circular motion.

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