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Pathological vaginal discharge - is a kind of whiteness that can be experienced by every woman. Whitish can affect women of all ages, from kindergarten - kindergarten until menopause. Based on this background are divided into 2 whitish whitish whitish physiological and pathological.

What distinguishes the two types of the whitish discharge is physiological, fluid sometimes - sometimes in the form of mucus containing many rare epithelium by leukocytes. whereas the pathologic discharge, there were more leukocytes.

Whitish physiological commonly found in infants from birth to about age - about 10 days, the time of menarche, adult women when stimulated before and during coitus, watu ovulation in women with a chronic condition neurosis, and women with ektropin porsionoris uteri. This is different from the whitish pathological.

Whitish pathological usually caused by infection (fungi, bacteria, parasites, viruses). But can also be caused by a foreign body in the vagina intercourse, menopause due to hormonal disorders, congenital abnormalities of the female genitalia, the presence of cancer in the genital area Wania as in the cervix.

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