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Perhaps the topic of improving the page rank is nothing new for us. But I also want to give a few tips for my friends so that page rank can go up. Similar to the alexa, page rank is also calculated based on many factors. The most common are: page views (number of page views) and backlinks. So, to increase page rank is the two factors that must be optimized.

1. Page View

In order to increase page views there are several ways we can do, including:

a. Optimizing our Facebook status
In terms of updating the status, frequently includes the address of our blog. And we encourage friends to visit. Quite right klo we have friends in FB 2000 people, just 10% are clicking on our blog in each state, meaning there are about 200 page views that we can. Moreover, if the status that we make quite a stir, then the response of our friends are also getting better.

As an example we make status: "Let's break up just got here". Friends please click this yagh

b. Make group on facebook, and then give a link to your blog. And invite as many friends to join the group, and then advise them to visit your blog

c. We can also use twitter, but for me twitter tweet less useful because we are in a moment will be lost as the number of tweets that other people do

d. Register your blog to another site, thus our blog chimed in there, sehungga indirectly we also have visitors who may be reading the blog. of which can be optimized follows:


2. Backlink

To get backlinks from other blogs to do is:

a. Be diligent commenting on dofollow blogs, because by commenting on blogs dofollow then automatically we will get a backlink from the blog

b.You can Follow other blogs and encourage an exchange of links. Never you mind what their PageRank, an important exchange aja.

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