8 Tips for Getting Traffic from Online Forum

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Online forums have been around since the Internet was first built and have a lot of bloggers also made the forum as a medium to attract traffic to their blog. Although not as good and as good as the web 2.0 like twitter and facebook, forums remain a lucrative media to bring targeted traffic to your blog. The tips below are eight things you should remember to bring in targeted traffic from a forum.

Select the appropriate forum

Choosing the right forum is one very important thing. I hope you have joined with one or two forums that match your blog's niche and content. If you are not at all the online forum, you can find forums that match your niche by typing "your niche forum", for example "online SEO forums" in Google search engine. If you join more than one forum, you should concentrate on the first forum to be active in the forum so that you become one of the best member. That way, you'll be famous in the forum. And if you've known in a forum, you can move on to the next forum.

Choose a good username

Your Username is the brand of the forum because the username is first seen in the profile of a member in a forum. So you need to make an appropriate choice of words for your username. Your username should adjust to the niche of your blog so it looks more professional. Examples are "kangmusa.pakarseo".

Put your blog address in the signature

Signature is a text link or image that will appear at the bottom of every post you. Putting your blog address in the signature is the backbone so that you get a flood of traffic from the forum. This is because every visitor who reads the forum post you will definitely see you blog address at the end of the post. Therefore, you should create an attractive and appropriate post so that traffic can be directed to visit your blog.

Wake up your profile properly

Profile is part of the visitor will see your username if pressed. And usually a profile will show your avatar, a brief biography and a link to your blog. In general, an avatar is used to display pieces of a photo of yourself. You can put a photo of your face in the avatar. But if you prefer to be anonymous person in a forum, your avatar should be filled with images that represent your blog's niche. While the story contains a brief biography about yourself as a whole. Create professional look of this section, not boring and multidimensional. You can tell your experience in your field of expertise. In essence make everyone see the profile you want to interact further with you.

Do not engage in spamming

When you interact with others in online forums, interact with both. Do not immediately give your business card to another person whom you just shake hands and get acquainted. Interact with others appropriately. Do not engage in acts of spamming the forum. Remember your goal to join the forum is not solely to promote your blog, but to share knowledge and interact with others in the forum.

Provide quality content

You must know that the life of a blog is content. And kontenlah that will bring traffic to your blog itself. This is also true in online forums. For example, retaliate to a question from another person with an answer that is clear, coherent and useful. Do not just reply with the word "yes" or "no". One other tactic is to put your blog post on the forums. Of course posting a really good quality and useful. And at the end of the post, you can put a sentence like this, "if you think this post informative and helpful, you can visit to get another post."

Create a new thread

If someone opens a thread, then that person will see the first post. The first post will be more widely read than the post second, third and so on. Therefore, a thread starter to deliver the first post is very important. You can start a thread with a question because it will make people curious. Or if you do not have any questions, you can also ask other people opinion about something. An example is "what would you do if you have income of $ 500 per day?" It will make people interested and participating in the thread you made.

Do a post as often as possible

 It is also important to support the activities you promote your blog on an online forum. The more often you make a post, the more often you are seen by others. The more often you see, the more often you blog address is displayed. And the more often your blog is displayed, the more visitors that come to your blog.

That's 8 Tips for Getting Traffic from Online Forums. Do your best in online forums that match your blog, practicing these 8 tips and make sure your blog is flooded with traffic.

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