8 Ways to Overcome Selfishness People Around You

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It may not be a problem if people around us are friendly, patient, humble, etc.. But in the midst of work, family, or in other activities; sure we will find the people who have a selfish nature. To deal with an opponent who has the qualities we need some way to overcome the selfish. People usually selfish selfish. Faced with such a person would be so annoying. How should we deal with people being selfish?

Here are some ways to overcome the selfish useful for our good

1. Be Patient

Patience, this is the attitude you should have in dealing with selfish people. Without the attitude of patience, you will surely be made upset by selfish people. When annoyed, you will not encounter the selfish bida well.
2. Be More Sensitive

Some people who have a selfish nature usually because they have personal problems. In addition, some people also become selfish because bad experiences in the past so reluctant to build relationships that are too close to other people. Try to be more sensitive and understand him. You can show the attitude that you want to help solve the problem.
3. Try Giving Criticism

If you are quite familiar with people who have a selfish nature, try to give criticism. The criticism you aim for her to improve her introspection. This criticism would be very effective if you already have a very close relationship with someone who has a selfish nature.
4. Reveal Your Feelings

If your opponent taka visiting realize that he is very selfish, you should just express your feelings about his attitude. Disclose any natural consequences of selfishness for yourself and others. In expressing your feelings do not use words that tend to marginalize or judge your opponents.
5. Try to Compromise

Try to compromise with your opponents. Sometimes a compromise, your opponents will be better understood and not be selfish anymore.
6. Advantages that will expose Learned

Selfish person usually will only do something if menuntungkan him. To work together with people like this, you have to explain what the clappers to be had if he cooperated with you.
7. Fulfill Your Promise

If you promise to her advantage, make sure you can meet them. When you fail to meet your promised benefits, surely people will lose their trust in you and the more self-serving.
8. Reduce Interaction

While every effort has been done and you still fail, you should reduce the interaction with that person. There's limited interaction does not mean hostile. But you should not too take care of all his behavior.

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