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Concert Super Junior (Suju) amazing! Justin Bieber concert sold-out! Katy Perry concert ruarrr usual success! Moreover, Lady Gaga concert, although eventually canceled, received superheboh! Jakarta became a haven for pop musicians of the world concert promoter. And to watch the concert was not cheap. ABG audience who generally have to spend 500's of thousands to millions of dollars. Consumers who are very lukratif and profitable is it?


They are young middle-class consumer segment (ABG) Indonesia is an easy target global pop lifestyle: Hollywood, McDonald's, K-pop, and of course Lady Gaga. They follow (via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube) models the latest clothes, new glasses, or the latest hairstyles Lady Gaga hero. They burst into tears when he could not see Siwon, personnel coolest Suju, at Soekarno-Hatta. They saved for months to be able to watch a concert at the forefront of Justin Bieber.

They are one of the middle class segment the most attractive that I call: follower (see: The 3000 Consumer Segmentation Mode). This market segment is very large in number in Indonesia, especially among young people come from (junior, high school and college kids). Many have called them with a sexy label: ABG labile (Ababil) or a troubled teenager. Because it is in age, they are still looking for identity, the current oscillated her social environment, and need a rolemodel to be followed: Lady Gaga, Siwon or Bieber. Because immature and not full of experience, insight / vision of their lives (short-term life horizon).

Demographically, the age was his hot-hot, they are emerging that are very strategic customer for you, the marketer. Your success is not only conquered the consumer impact on your current brand, but also in the next 10-20 years. Conquer them is an investment. Yes, because the 10-20 years they became a successful entrepreneur or established executives.

Friends are Everything

For consumers this kind of friend is everything: Friends are everything. Nothing can replace them. Friends and the surrounding environment (school, neighborhood, or community association) for them to have a huge impact on the mindset, values ​​and behaviors. For example Suju fans above. Considered by his colleagues as zadul because it does not follow the trend of K-pop can be a tremendous embarrassment for them. That is why the trend of music, film, fashion, gadgets, hairstyles adopted by a friend or the environment they must follow.

Following the trend is one way for them to stay connected socially (socially-connected) and accepted by their friends and community environment. Remember, be accepted by friends and community environment is one of the most important and meaningful to their lives. Talking about following the trend, then the follower segment will not be separated from what I call lifestyle surfaces (peripheral life style), such as physical appearance is cool, the latest gadget ownership, or self-image Westernized. Through the lifestyle they discover the existence of this surface.

Win Their Heart

ABG is now completely different from the teenager 10 years ago. They're whole new consumers. Revolution technology (Facebook, and Android apps), information disclosure, (Googling and Wikipedia) and the tsunami of globalization (Hollywoodization and Californization) had "conspired" to brainwash them to become a mutant, a new style ABG that we do not recognize before.

You, the marketer, to get out of your comfort zone. Win their hearts to understand the mindset, behaviors, and lifestyles. Then give the relevant value. Win Their heart by being relevant.

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