Abundance Mentality

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The late Michael D. Ruslim, the former number one in Astra International likes advised, "If you can not make other people happy, do not make them hard." The bottom line is simple: make our presence as a source of joy, not annoyance or inconvenience to others. It may be late notice like that, seeing there are people who should feel proud if it could be a trouble maker. Increasingly able to bring annoyance to others, the more his heart rejoice. Also, the more can bring fear in others, the more respectable feel concerned.

Not surprisingly, Aa Gym said that many people are hard to see people happy, and happy to see people hard. In the context of work, what is a famous preacher delivered the inaugural, when we see a lot of people who work with carry the principle if it can be complicated, why should be facilitated. Whatever the jargon of the outstanding, all culminate in a selfish nature alias selfish. Said to be selfish, because only want happy, and happy to win his own, though it must be distressing, depressing and annoying to others.

Selfish people will feel great, if you see others have floundered. They are also addicted to celebrate the excitement over the distress of others, because my opinion is your win loose. We may frown when pondering this sentence, but perhaps we too are one who think like that.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss with a close friend of William Soeryadjaya, founder of the conglomerate Astra International. That caught my attention in this discussion is not about William expertise in building enterprise-class business and Astra. It is precisely the everyday behavior of Om (close calls to all employees and relatives of William) who brings enlightenment of life. Among so much character and temperament, one of the most prominent is its generous generous alias. Wherever they may be, he is very excited to share. Which can be distributed in money, food or other souvenirs. In short, he wanted to share the excitement with as many people he encountered. Not surprisingly, even a Teddy Rachmat, Triputra Group boss said, "Uncle William was a charismatic figure, whose presence brings a positive aura and joy to those around him."

For his generosity, many people are flocking proposal for assistance to William. There is a proposal that is the factual existence, but not infrequently also tucked into bulging proposal, the proposal trick that manipulates William generosity. Bulging of the proposal that, William is also often reaches out to provide compensation. Is he stupid and naive? "Absolutely not!" Said a close friend over. William it was a smart person. When protested by his friends because of bulging grant proposal - and that means he is being cheated - William answered only summary in Dutch, which, when translated into English means: "Let 'em have a good day." The generosity of William so abundant, even though he volunteered himself deceived.

Psychologists refer to the generosity of a great mentality as the mentality of Abundance, abundance mentality alias. People with this mentality never feel deprived, and therefore do not hesitate to share with the people around him. This is different from most people who tend to have a scarcity mentality or scarcity mentality. Scarcity mentality view life as a zero-sum game, ie, zero sum of two contradictory things. If you want to get more, there are those who have sacrificed. Similarly, if you want to have fun, there are those who have made grieve. With binoculars mentality like this, winning merely mean defeating someone else. Not surprisingly, people who have the mentality of scarcity would be difficult to share with others. Due to the share, they feel there is a reduced part of his property.

Instead, addressing the life of Abundance mentality is totally different perspective. Such people believe that what's in this world is more than enough to feed all the creatures in it. Mahatma Gandhi said, "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's Greed." Thus, there is no reason to doubt share, or his fear may be deductible. It is precisely by sharing, they will get back. This has nothing to do with one's status and role, though he is a businessman, which are often associated with the figure of a fighter who likes to compete and accumulate wealth.

William is one of the best examples of the new capitalism actors Patricia, told in his book Megatrends Aburdence 2010 (Hampton Roads, 2005), called the conscious self conscious capitalism, aka capitalism. This kind of capitalism does not merely talk about the transaction, money and wealth, but rather is concerned with matters such as ethics, social welfare and concern for others. In this case, the profits of business and property owners interpreted as a means to promoting the goal of life is higher (higher purpose), the prosperity and well-being together.

In this case, nature has given a remarkable sign for us. Let us compare the water in ponds and rivers. Water in ponds is generally turbid and smelly, because ponds only hold water that flows into and never come back to another place. In contrast, in river water is always clear and fresh, because the river receives the water flowing back into place. Like a river that drains back to the water it receives, Abundance mentality of people who have also distributed food and the joy of life again he gets to the people around him. So, like Uncle William said, "Let 'em have a good day!"

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