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Anthony de Mello to borrow a story, any time there is a village girl who became pregnant without a husband. Of course her parents on a rampage, then forced to appoint men to impregnate her daughter. In the midst of chaos, the teenager was later appointed wise old man on the edge of the forest. And the angry villagers, then everything is cursed. In the midst of tantrums and insults the villagers, this wise old man just calmly say, "Okay!"

For months, pregnant women are cared for properly. Without complaint, without any fuss. Felt he was treated very well, these young mothers feel a deep sense of guilt to the wise old man had. Then he was admitted to the village that was not the wise old man who impregnate, but some men are not responsible. Then they returned to the edge of the forest villagers as he apologized. Again, this wise old man say softly, "Okay." In the eyes of intellect, the old man into the box of ignorance, but in the eyes of enlightened beings parents are really amazing.

When the truth, daily life everywhere is full of anger. Amerikat States in the language of sarcastic rage lists getting longer. In this country, a lot of things that can burn the fire of anger. What's presidential election, with the title of recrimination lies milling.

Sesungguhya not intend to upset anyone. When dug deeper, man inherited the seeds of anger from parents, school, neighborhood. Seedlings were then watered with a local television watching the fights, the preaching of hate radio, print media is selling it to the news of crime, poor leadership example. So without a serious improvement, people will continue to burn with anger.

Unlike most of the logic of Western medicine who dispose of the body organ problems, teaches meditation to control anger. When a headache, a person may not dispose of his head, but taking care of his head. Something similar happens with anger, rage dump similar to the night and just want to get rid of daylight.

There are several approaches available in this regard. Looked at in depth is an approximation. To be honest anger is not due to the temptation of people, but more because most of the same straw man being burned (read: envy, jealousy, hurt, etc.). Temptations that come from outside like the wind is blowing.

For this reason, more are advised to keep an eye on the seeds of anger that is inside. Tolehlah into when anger comes, look at the burning straw that comes from negative thoughts such as jealousy and impatience, slowly inhale, feel the fresh air coming in through the nose. Actually there is a secret of freshness, serenity, clarity behind the persistence together with breath. As we know, the past is past, the future is yet to come, the only cash is the life of today. Thus, in the English language today is called the present (gift). Beautiful, cool, soft, that's a gift for those who are connected with the present through diligent attention to the breath.

In addition to the notice of breath, the seeds of anger can also be monitored with walking meditation. Especially by looking at the nature of all phenomena (including anger) that appears disappeared as footsteps. Membadankan deeply that it appears to be gone early opening of the door patience. In addition, with a compassionate understanding that people who are suffering real harm, is another approach. He could look like this, transformed on the inside. Than willing to fight to be willing to help.

Thus, soothing anger can be done with patience, mainly because anger makes the earth is full of fire. After tersejukan looks bright, we all want the same happiness. It's easier to make the earth holy ground by looking at the similarities rather than fighting about the differences.

And finally, when a father asked his son if the most beautiful jewels, he gently replied: "Patience is the most beautiful jewelry." Mainly because of the patience to make this earth the holy land. In the language of a teacher, only rifles can eliminate a number of enemies. But patience can eliminate all the enemies. This is a human trait that has been put on the most beautiful jewels of life. Not only the enemy disappeared, but all the places to be sacred ground.

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