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In a previous article entitled "Effective Traffic Increase Traffic News Visitor", I try to share a How To Increase Blog Visitors. There is mentioned that the title of my article "Leave" to the Cross-News has a high Pageviews. In addition, the article also got a "splash" keyword strong machined especially Google and Yahoo search. That is, the growing number of visitors I have.

Some Tips For Being a Top 10 News Articles in the Cross are:

1. Make your original news content. This means that the news we want to make, based off of Secondary Data. The data that we can be of some primary data base and the fact that strong and reliable.

Avoid to copy out all the articles which became a Top Articles there. Sadurlah few sentences stating the source. If this is not done, the results must be useless! Traffic would be "Lost" with the maker of the first article. While Keyword in the search engine would be far behind.

2. Create an Article Title That is interesting. The reader will immediately click on all that smells of "Curious" in the New News pages at Cross Crossing News. Effective use of words such as towing word reader, such as: "Bussyeet!", "This is ..", "Hot news ..", "New Facts 6 ..", etc.. Examples of this news: Here's Youngest Mother inword, Four People Who Similar to President, Names Football World Cup, and so on.

3. The News Served Up To Date. This means that it contains news that is being adapted to hot at the moment. For example: Who Substitute Mbah Maridjan? , List of Other Potentially Volcano erupts, 6 Impacts Due to eruption of Merapi, etc..

4. Note On Post Title Keyword. Before you post, please type the first keyword of the title of the article to a friend who would Submit News Cross. See 20 leading sites there, is there any news of them came from the Cross? If there is, mending mate intention to post it. If not, please "Title Shoot" is dijudul post buddy. If I could summarize all that people search for keywords. For example: "Establishments CPNS Info On The Official Site of the City Government Jakarta.Go.Id Year 2010". This title is a combination of all the keywords on CPNS Info Jakarta 2010, check it sob!

5. Note On Your Competitors Website Pagerank Keyword Title Post. If the keywords do want to post my friend, number one to ten, is under Traffic News Pagerank ie = 4, then just go ahead (Tripe Man!). Posting immediately. In this way, and above is intended to be, my friend got two advantages of an article my friend. First, get Abundant Traffic From Traffic News and Getting Top 10 Ranking Google Search.

In addition to their good position in the Traffic and Google SE, Tips For Being a Top articles in News Cross can help my friend in the following Blogger Contest. Such as: The SEO Contest Titled "Free Advertise For Getting Started Starting a Business Online". Many benefit from this SEO Contest. In addition to friends and familiarity, this SEO Contest can add to our knowledge in the optimization of the article or blog so much better (Campaign Blog).

Thank you for reading and sharing this article !

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