Biography of The Beatles - Band Legends

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Biography of The Beatles - Band Legends
The Beatles are a group of British rock musician, was formed in Liverpool in 1960, the first 5 people consisting of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe (bass) and Pete Best (drums), this group consisted of John Lennon (rhythm guitar, vocals ), Paul McCartney (bass guitar, vocals), George Harrison (lead guitar, vocals), Ringo Starr (drums, vocals). The Beatles is seen as the embodiment of progressive ideas, influence the socio-cultural revolution of the 60's decade.

The Beatles were only famous in the clubs of Liverpool and Hamburg for 3 years starting in 1960. Sutcliffe resigned in 1961, and Starr replaced Best next year. Beatles forged so professionally by a businessman named Brian Epstein's music store after he became their manager and musical potential of polished by producer George Martin. The end of 1962, the Beatles had to find success in the United Kingdom with the first single Love Me Do. Throughout the following year, they toured internationally until 1966 and concentrate on recording the album in the country until disbanding in 1970. Solo careers of each call it a success, but Lennon was killed in New York City in 1980 and Harisson died of cancer in 2001. McCartney and Starr are still active musically.

In the years recording studio album, the Beatles released works best judged by the critics, one of which Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967), hailed as a masterpiece. Four decades after disbanding, the music is still popular. They have more than one album number 1 in the charts of Great Britain and the perch longer than any musician. Based on the RIAA, they are a musician who sells the most albums in the United States. In 2008, Billboard magazine released a list of musicians with the biggest sales in the history of the Hot 100 to celebrate 15 years anniversary of the U.S. singles charts where The Beatles were at number one. Seven times received Grammy Awards, 15 Ivor Novello Awards from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors, The Beatles were collectively included in the compilation of TIME magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the 20th century.

Was 16 years old, singer and guitarist John Lennon formed a group called The Quarrymen skiffle music with school friends from Liverpool in March 1957. Paul McCartney was fifteen years old when they met in July of that year. George Harrison joined as lead guitarist in February next year after McCartney was invited to watch. In 1960, Lennon school friends came out and he entered Liverpool College of Art. The three men were playing rock and roll each get a drummer. Joined as a bass in January, a classmate of Lennon, Stuart Sutcliffe suggested to change the group name to The Beetles as a form of admiration for Buddy Holly and The Crickets, then changed again to The Beatals in the first months of the year. After trial and error other names such as Johnny and the Moondogs, Long John and The Beetles and The Silver Beatles, the group eventually became the Beatles in August.

Lack drummer who remains a problem as their unofficial manager, Allan Williams set up residence for a gig in Hamburg, Germany. Before August is over, they held auditions and found Pete Best, and immediately went to Hamburg four days later, signed a contract to play music with a showman named Bruno Koschmider for 48 nights. Shows the best-selling Beatles in Hamburg where they play music for hours and caused a traffic jam because the person who filled out to watch their performances.

Harrison who were aged 17 years in the month of August 1960, lied about his age to the German officer in order to stay in Hamburg. Initially they were placed in the Indra Club, and then move them to Koschmider Kaiserkeller in October after the Indra was closed because it is noisy. When the Beatles were breaking a contract with a gig at the Top Ten Club who became his rival, Koschmider Harrison reported that under the authorities and deported in November. McCartney and Best were arrested for arson in their room in mid-December, after which they were also deported. Lennon returned to Liverpool in mid-December while Sutcliffe remained in Hamburg for several months. He was dating a German girl, Astrid Kirchherr took photographs of the first professional hair cut Sutcliffe and the Beatles with a popular style of that period, Exi (existentialist). Sutcliffe hairstyle later inspire the other Beatles. '

Subsequent years, the group returned to Hamburg. They try to keep Preludin deliberately to be a powerful force on stage all night long. Sutcliffe decided to leave and the beginning of 1961 and continued his studies in Germany, so McCartney took over bass. German producer Berta Kaempfert signed the Beatles had become four people to the background band Tony Sheridan recordings in several pieces. Credited to Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers, the single My Bonnie recorded in June and released a few months later, finished 32nd Musikmarkt charts. Beatles become better known as home to Liverpool. While still often played at The Cavern Club, they met Brian Epstein, the owner of a local recording studio and a music columnist. Beatles appoint Epstein as manager in January 1962 and Kaempfert agreed to release them from the German recording contract. After an audition with Decca Records turned down their comments "group guitar is out of date, Mr. Epstein" ("Guitar groups are on the way out, Mr. Epstein"), George Martin asked the group to the Parlophone label at EMI. In April they returned to Hamburg and were surprised by the news of Sutcliffe's death from a brain hemorrhage.

The group received briefings George Martin at EMI Abbey Road Studio, London for the first time in 1962. Martin complained about how best to play the drums and Epstein suggested that the Beatles wore a session drummer in the studio. Finally, Best replaced by Ringo Star just out of Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. Actually Starr was playing for the Beatles to replace Best absentee. Martin was hired as a session drummer Andy White for one session only. White contributed the single Love Me Do and PS I Love You. Released in October, Love Me Do entered the charts top 20 in the UK and was number 17. When finished recording for the second single titled Please Please Me in November, they began appearing on television news programs the first time in People and Place. The group's final gig in Hamburg in December 1962. Now it becomes a pattern, all four members contributing to vocals, though only rarely so outspoken Starr is mainly because its reach is limited.

Lennon and McCartney had worked together in writing lyrics, while Harrison also sang a little while. Epstein Beatles smell great potential, suggested that the group be more professional when entertaining. Lennon repeated the words of his manager, "Look, if you really want to get into a bigger place, you have to change - stop eating on stage, stop swearing, stop smoking" ("Look, if you really want to get in these bigger places, you're going to have to change, stop eating on stage, stop swearing, stop smoking ") He also said," we used to wear clothes that we like, on and off the stage. He told us that the genie is less looks nice and advised to wear pants that are more appropriate, but he did not want us to look the boxes. He wants us to have the style of our own individuality ... an option for mewujudukannya or still eat chicken on stage ". ("We used to dress how we liked, on and off stage. That he'd tell us the jeans were not particularly smart and Could we possibly manage to wear proper trousers, but he did not want us looking Suddenly square. He'd let us have our own sense of individuality ... it was a choice of making it or still eating chicken on stage ".)

McCartney filed a suit for the dissolution of The Beatles on December 31, 1970. However, disputes concerning the problems in it does not expire until 1975. Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr each released solo albums in 1970, then there are times where cooperation between one or more of the former personnel. Album Ringo Starr, Ringo (1973) is the only album that contains four former composition and performance of personnel, but in a separate track.

Lennon was shot and died on December 8, 1980 in New York City. As a personal greeting, Harrison wrote All Those Years Ago, a song about his time with The Beatles that was recorded before Lennon's death. With his wife Linda, McCartney contributed backing vocals, and Starr on drums. The song is sung with new lyrics and re-released as a single in May 1981. Individual works of McCartney, Here Today, appears in the album Tug of War in April 1982. In 1987, Harrison released the album titled album containing the Cloud Nine When We Was Fab, a song that tells the days of Beatlemania.

Live at the BBC, which contains the first official release of The Beatles' performances are not released in the last 17 years, finally appeared in 1994. In the same year, McCartney, Harrison and Starr reunite for The Beatles Anthology project, which has actually been done by the end of the 1960s by Neil Aspinall. Initially as a travel manager and then personal assistant to The Beatles, Aspinall began collecting material for a documentary film after he became a director of Apple Corps in 1968. Documenting the history of the Beatles, this project involves the release of many records are not released; McCartney, Harrison and Starr also added a couple of games of new instruments and vocals to 2 tracks demo Lennon recorded in the late 1970s. In 1995 and 1996, the project produced five television series, video volume-8 and 3 CD box set (containing 2). Lennon's two-song demo, Free as a Bird and Real Love each released again as a single. Box CD includes the work of Klaus Voorman, the creator of the cover of Revolver album in 1966. Sales reached a large kesukesasan and television series have been viewed more than 400 million people around the world.

Biodata / Profiles Th Beatles

John Lennon (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Paul McCartney (bass guitar, vocals)
George Harrison (lead guitar, vocals)
Ringo Starr (drums, vocals).

List of Albums
  • Please Please Me published 1963-03-22
  • With the Beatles published 1963-11-22
  • A Hard Day's Night published 1964-07-10
  • Beatles for Sale rises 1964-12-04
  • Help! published 1965-08-06
  • Rubber Soul published 1965-12-03
  • Revolver published 1966-08-05
  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band published 1967-06-01
  • The Beatles ("The White Album") published 1968-11-22
  • Yellow Submarine rises 1969-01-17
  • Abbey Road rises 1969-09-26
  • Let It Be published 1970-05-08

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