Biography of Dr. Sun Yat Sen - Leaders of the Nationalist Chinese

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Biography of Dr. Sun Yat Sen - Leaders of the Nationalist Chinese
Dr Sun Yat Sen Born 12 November 1866 in Guang dong China, the son of a poor farmer who migrated to Honolulu Hawaii United States to follow her brother to pursue education. Sut Yat-sen returned to China in 1883, then moved to Hong Kong to pursue graduate medical education until 1892. Dr. Sut Yat very famous because he is a Chinese national figures who fought for national unity of China, economic development, and establishment of a republican government. He was very influential in modern Chinese history.

Dr. Sut Yat Sen decided to leave the medical world and founded the organization back to Hawaii to overthrow the ruling Manchu movement. This move caused dismay to see the decline of China during the Qing dynasty is very corrupt. After the defeat of China in the Sino-Japanese war of 1894-1895 Sun Yat-sen returned to Guangzhou Hong Kong designing rebellion. Although this effort failed, but the spirit of nationalism and the revolutionary movement began to grow in China, especially in the overseas community. His name is internationally famous after being detained by the Chinese embassy in London in 1896. Over the next 16 years he traveled a lot of intensive study of political thought and western economies and to build political and economic direction of the country.

Sun Yat Sen anyak supported financially, morally and politically from the international community. Many colleagues, his foreign connections that provide such assistance from the Japanese government in 1897. Overseas Chinese intellectuals also provide full support so that in 1905 he immediately set to T `ung Hui (Revolutionary League combined) that memberjuangkan three visions that nationalism, democracy and welfare. Movement of Sun Yat Sen was finally paid in October 1911 bulom. Manchu dynasty could not stem the tide of insurgents so that the beginning of 1912, Dr. Sun Yat-sen was elected interim president of the newly founded PRC. However, to avoid civil war, he later resigned and handed over to Yuan Shikai office, a former minister in the imperial period. Yuan's ambitions in the power of smell gelagatnya by Sut Yat Sen, and he immediately launched an insurgency to drop from the seat of power in 1916.

Dr Sun Yat Sen and then transform the organization into a political party and the Kuomintang in 1917 he formed his own government in Guangzhou to match the remains of the successor of Yuan in Beijing. He immediately strengthen the military and received assistance from the Soviet Union to strengthen his rule. In 1923-1924 he formed a temporary alliance with communist groups formed the National Congress until the first (KMT) and Communist Party became one of its members.

Since 1923 until his death he was listed as the head of the KMT government in accordance with a system that transformed the Soviet Union. Sun Yat Sen's mass base, especially in Guangzhou are from groups of students, workers, the people down, and the army. In late life he always fought for the unity of China by persuading various faction leaders to leave personal ambitions. After he died on March 12, 1925, the struggle continued by Chiang Kai Shek who finally managed to unite China. But Chiang Kai-shek to Taiwan eventually eliminated after the outbreak of civil war between the nationalists to communists.

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