Biography of Frederick Winslow Taylor

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Biography of Frederick Winslow Taylor
Frederick Winslow Taylor (born March 20, 1856 - died March 21, 1915 at the age of 59 years) is a mechanical engineer from the United States are well-known for his efforts to improve industrial efficiency. He is known as the "father of scientific management" and is an intellectual leaders of the Efficiency Movement.

a. Heritage

Taylor's most famous relic in management science is the idea of ​​the use of scientific methods in management. The idea came when Taylor was not satisfied with ketidakefesienan workers in the company. Ketidakefesienan arises because they use a variety of different techniques for the same work-almost no labor standards there. In addition, the workers tend to think easy job. Taylor found that the results of the workers were only a third of what it should be. Taylor then, for 20 years, trying hard to correct the situation by applying the scientific method to find a "best technique" in completing each job.

Based on his experience, he made a clear guidance on how to improve production efficiency. The guidelines are:

• Develop a science for each element of a person's job, which will replace the old method speculative.
• Scientifically, select and then train, teach, or develop them workers.
• Work in earnest with the workers untu ensure that all work is performed in accordance with the principles of science that has been developed earlier.
• Divide work and responsibility almost equally between management and workers. Management takes over all tasks that are better suited for him than for workers.

These guidelines drastically change the mindset of management at the time. If previous workers choose their own work and trained themselves as best they, Taylor proposed management that must choose jobs and training. Management also advised to take a job that does not comply with the workers, especially the planning, organizing, actuating, and control. This is in contrast to previous thinking where pekerjalah who perform the task.

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