Biography of Justin Bieber

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Justin Drew Bieber, better known by the name of Justin Bieber was born in Stanford, Ontario, Canada March 1, 1994. Justin Bieber is the son of a single mother, Pattie Mallette. Pattie Mallette contain Justin at a very young age of 18. Justin Bieber showed a strong interest in music when he was little. He learned to play many musical instruments were self-taught. When he was 12 years old, Justin Bieber local talent competition and was in second place. His mother sang Justin Bieber video posted on YouTube in 2007, and continue to post other clips that clip.

Unexpectedly she posted a video appeal to fans who are interested in seeing Justin singing video. Justin on YouTube video turned out to be a rock in the music world loncatannya which then attracted the attention of a talent agent Scooter Braun. Braun is able to get an impromptu audition with Usher Raymond is impressed with Bieber and helped him to sign a recording contract. First single "One Time" became a worldwide hit and was awarded the Platinum in Canada and the United States. His debut album "My World" a great success in the music world internasioanal. He also released a concert film that success in the market titled Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

Justin Bieber

Bieber's success in the music world continues. Not satisfied in the music world, Bieber try their luck in the acting world, including as a guest star in TV drama series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000). With the growing popularity of Justin Bieber's meteoric rise, he has many loyal fan base spread all over the world who is better known as "Bieber Fever" and nicknamed "Bielbers".

Trade Mark
  1. Hair style aka "The Bieber"
  2. Madly crazy with the color purple
  3. Unique Facts About Justin Bieber
  4. Discovered by Scooter Braun is also her manager.
  5. Moving to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue his musical career
  6. Is the debut album "My World"
  7. Love to play hockey and basketball
  8. Played guitar in almost all concerts
  9. Going out with Selena Gomez
  10. Learn self-taught to play four musical instruments including piano, guitar, drums. He hopes to learn violin
  11. Hit debut single "Baby" was at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart
  12. Can moonwalk dance
  13. Love to play video games
  14. Rihanna has been on the concert stage with the Super Bowl Weekend in Miami
  15. Fans of Michael Jackson
  16. Bieber's first plane ride was when he had to fly to Atlanta to see the manager will be Scott Braun.
  17. Has been singing in front of Barack Obama twice
  18. Good friends with Taylor Swift and Chris Brown
  19. Wrote the song "Down to Earth" which tells about the separation of his parents.
  20. Have a twitter account which is updated every day
  21. Like the TV show "Smallville" (2001)
  22. Playing guitar with his left hand
  23. Have one day a week where he just relax
  24. Like to help charities
  25.  Named Jeremy and his father live in Canada

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